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Love whiskey? Hate whiskey? I love meeting both ends of that spectrum. Years ago, I ran a whiskey club in interior Alaska, and it was one of my favorite projects to date. Now, I'm bringing it to Florida.

The purpose of this group is in the name. Whiskey (we also explore other distilled spirits). And that means so many things. It means people. It means diversity. It means inclusion. It means discovery. And most of all, it means enjoyment. It can be a tricky thing, whiskey. For some, it might be muddled memories of fireball shots on the third floor of your college. For others, it might be something you enjoy thoroughly but would like to expand your experience. For me, whiskey is connection. From the local batch of barley being mashed and fermented in a small town's distillery that provides jobs to being put in a barrel by someone three years ago -- or someone who existed thirty years ago that you'll never meet. It's labor. It's art. It's science. It's memory (well, sometimes).

I invite you to join whether you love the stuff or not. If you love it, I'm sure we'll have a lot to share. If you hate it, I'm sure I can teach you a thing or two and at least find one dram you may come to love. Either way, you'll probably have a good time and make a friend or two.

What I usually do (or did) is host a monthly or bi-monthly gathering with a particular theme. It could be an Irish theme where we dive into some great Irish drams, or it could be a theme based around great bottles under $40. It's about discovery, education, and just having a good time. At the end of the day, it really is just about good times and good company.

So come help me get this thing moving. I look forward to meeting you over a glass of that most beautiful spirit.

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