What we're about

We're space nerds.

We're intensely interested in all aspects of manned and unmanned space exploration—past, present, and future. We like space hardware, rocket science, lunar geology, astronaut biographies, NASA culture, Space Camp, LEGO Saturn V models, the Voyager program (V'Ger for you trekkies), Gene Kranz's vest collection, the Space Shuttle Haynes Manual, modern commercial space operations (e.g., SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc.), and everything in-between.

(I've been informed that if you can name all seven Mercury astronauts—in the order they flew—you are legally obligated under the Ohio Revised Code to attend. I don't know about Indiana or Kentucky law. I may have made this up.)

Space Nerds is intended to be a very informal—and primarily social—group. We'll get together a couple of times a month to talk space, watch a documentary or two, review a good space-related book, or maybe just share a meal and some nerd camaraderie (of which there's never enough).

Past events (1)

John Glenn/Friendship 7 - 57th Anniversary Meetup

Queen City Coworking

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