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Know some words and basic phrases, but just need the right script to practice speaking Spanish the right way! Join us, We'll role-play, read, study, write, dance and sing in Basic Conversational Spanish. Embrace your mistakes and master power phrases, now!

Our definition of beginner Spanish is:

Level 1: Elementary Can fulfill the basic needs in a language, such as ordering meals, asking for the time and asking for directions

Level 2: Limited Working Proficiency Can fulfill routine social demands, such as small talk about one’s self, one’s family, and current events.

See online placement test to understand your needs and if this group is the right fit:


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Spanish 101: Beginner Conversation Spanish

WeWork The Apollo


Let's enjoy Spanish/English exchange. Each lesson is crafted to learn new expressions, practice and apply them in a fun, interactive conversational style in which you feel comfortable and in control. Bring your notebook, a pencil/pen, and a good sense of humor. We'll meet every other Tuesday and once a month on a Saturday. for Spanish 101. Otherwise, Spanish speaking and/of cultural events will be hosted within our group. Those dates are TBA, so stay tuned. **Funds collected are to help pay for book, resources, meetup costs, event fee charges **Refunds will be given if event is canceled or rescheduled. Payments will be received via VenMo or in cash the day of the event.

Mexican Cultural Institute Tour

Mexican Cultural Institute


In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we'll be attending the Mexican Cultural Institute in appreciation of its relationship between Mexico and the United States in this local community. Spanish language exchange is encouraged, but not recommended. Instead bring your heart and love for beautiful art. I must RSVP a tour, so once we have enough participants I will collect the funds (funds are in support of group's meet up costs only) via VenMo and CashApp. **Refunds will be given, if event is canceled or reschedule.

Cinco de Mayo: Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana


What is Cinco de mayo? Commemorates the underdog victory over France in the battle zone of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Though short-lived it was still honored by those against the France occupation in that town. Let's meet for Mexican dinner and have a Spanish-English exchange!!! Bring a hat, if necessary or Mexican flag. This place is always live and full of people, so update RSVP's if you cannot make it as it will be unfair to patrons who wait long.

Spanish Cinema Now+: Paco de Lucía: La búsqueda

Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain


Directed by Francisco Sánchez Varela, Spain, 2014, 95 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. Watch trailer. Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist and composer Paco de Lucia [masked]) was one of the first musicians to incorporate other musical genres such as classical and jazz into his work. The Andalusian master agreed to collaborate on a documentary about his devotion to Flamenco. Featuring introspective and amusing interview footage, performances, and reflections on many musical forms, the film traces Paco’s life through his last days in Mallorca while completing the arrangements for a posthumous CD release.

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Spanish 101: Beginner Conversation Spanish

WeWork The Apollo


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