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How do you perceive yourself? How do others perceive you? Are they the same? If not, what can we do to bridge the gap? You will learn about your first impression and what you're communicating that perhaps you're not aware that you're communicating. Learn the fundamentals of how to reveal your most authentic self.

Welcome to SPARK, where you get constructive feedback from a group of your peers - your very own first impression focus group. Energize Your Voice (http://www.energizeyourvoice.net/) founder, Minna Taylor, will facilitate a structured analysis to get to the root of what's holding you back.

Are you insecure, but read as arrogant? Do you smile with openness, but use a shy voice? Align your intention and your presentation. Empower yourself with knowledge on how to make a lasting impact. #daretospark

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PowerPoint Happy Hour


Rock your first impression!!

Ripley Grier Studios

Drink wine and improvise PowerPoints!

The Living Gallery Outpost

First Impression Focus Group!

Ripley Grier Studios

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