Apache Spark + AI Munich Meetup - May 2019


This is the time for our 1st Meetup in this year 2019.

Microsoft will host our event this time with speakers from:

* DataSentics (Petr Bednařík)

* Databricks (Bernhard Walter)


Petr Bednařík: AI-Driven Digital Customer Engagement powered by Apache Spark - Using ML to Analyse 100s of GBs of Ad Data and Microtarget Ads (40 min)

Petr Bednařík, experienced data science architect and founder of DataSentics - machine learning and cloud data engineering boutique focusing on use cases especially in finance and retail using Spark and Databricks.

Bernhard Walter: Mlflow in Action (40 min)

MLflow is an open source platform for managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle. It allows tracking of experiments, packaging of ML code in a reusable, reproducible form and managing and deploying models from a variety of ML libraries to a variety of model serving platforms.
This talk will demonstrate building and managing models in several ways:
- Model building in Spark notebooks in the cloud using mlflow to track hyperparameter tuning.
- Model building from versioned code via the command line in local or remote python environments managed by mlflow.
- Inference on different platforms using models stored by mlflow in different flavours.

With ten years of enterprise background as IT and Enterprise Architect at a global telecommunications provider, Bernhard spent the last seven years helping companies with their Digital Transformation: Starting with API Management as enabler for the bimodal IT, he now helps companies on their journey getting data driven. His main area of expertise is around distributed computing and advanced analytics on premises and in the cloud. He has a PhD in statistics and is a regular speaker at Masterclasses and events teaching advanced topics around Spark and Machine Learning.


• 2 talks (each ca. 40 min incl. discussion)

• Networking, food & drinks

• Language: English

• There will be photos taken

• A list of registered users will be provided to the host

• Please bring your ID