What we're about

Calling all Creatives, Artists, Idea makers, Norm shakers, Music Makers, Dancers, Visionaries, Think-outside-the-boxers, Performers, Daydream thinkers, Brainstormers, and even Closet Artists or "Use to be" artists!

This is a group for creative minds (you know who you are,)
the ones that are living a creative career,
doubting their creative career,
or regret not pursing a life that SPARKS their longing to create.

Regardless of your unique creative outlet, the creative mind can't be snuffed.
This group is for us all to unite, collaborate, inspire, motivate, & support each-other, and on this life of a creative.

God made our creative minds this way for a reason.
It's time we used it to its full potential.

What we'll do:
Events will involve CREATIVE workshops, brainstorming sessions, seminars, masterminds, retreats, challenges, activities and maybe even a mixer to mingle amongst other creative minds.

"Ideas cause ideas and help evolve new ideas. They interact with each other and with other mental forces in the same brain, in neighboring brains, and thanks to global communication, in far distant, foreign brains."

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