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    Spartanburg Community College - Downtown Campus

    Join us and ask the group any questions. Talk about a problem or questions you have. Hopefully, Timothy Webb and others will help guide you or point you in the right direction. Please come and help Timothy and/or ask questions or just throw in your two cents worth. :-) Some possible areas of discussions and group skills needed: · Security (SSL, HSTS, etc.) · Performance (Image Optimization, CDN, Minification, etc.) · SEO (Search Engine Optimization) · CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) · Web and Graphic Design (Including User Experience & Accessibility) · Gutenberg and Page Builders · Hosting & Site Maintenance · eCommerce · Online Courses Creation · Helpful Tools and training resources · Google Analytics & Search Console · PPC (Pay Per Click) · Copywriting · E-Mail and Content Marketing If you have any of these skills, great. This is an opportunity for you to help others. All skill levels welcome.