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Join us for a weekly masterclass in public speaking; unleash your voice, advance your career and cultivate your leadership skills with an experienced international public speaking coach. Get mentored by other speakers in a fun, friendly environment where people work together to work on themselves.

Want a promotion? Learn how to go for the ask. Want to succeed in interviews? Our focussed interview practise sessions will give you the preparatory tools you need. It might be a best man's speech, a presentation you need to ace, a higher degree of responsibility at work, or a new role where you need to do more presentations-come along, and we'll help you reach your full potential. Public speaking excellence builds confidence in every aspect of life, from knowing how to convince others of your point of view, enhancing emotional intelligence, improving analytical skills, thinking on your feet, maintaining eye contact, and knowing how to calm nerves in important situations.

Many people see impressive public speakers at events and assume its a talent. But they too once took classes. It's a skill, and skills need to be honed. You will learn about the key techniques in public speaking and improve everything from your tone, to your delivery, vocal variety, signposting, pitch to body language. Conquer your fear of public speaking and instead, start looking forward to it.

We do debates, impromptu speaking, sales pitches, interview practise, and polish prepared speeches. You will have the opportunity to do an impromptu speech twice every session and receive constructive feedback. Classes are every Mondays and Wednesdays at 7-8:30pm and Saturdays at 11am-12:30.

You will learn:

-How to read the room and capture your audience
-The art of debating
-How to review other speakers
-How to become assertive and authoritative
-How to become a two way communicator
-To sell yourself, and make effective sales pitches
-How to use emotional range and evocative language
-To synchronise your body language with your speaking
-How to use communicate more effectively and engagingly
-Correct breathing techniques and power posing

And much more. A better you starts here. So #comejoinin

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