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Speakeasy is a secret society of Atlanta business executives that meet monthly to network, make new friends, and just relax over a fine cigar and your favorite libation. Our goal is to create a warm, relaxing environment that facilitates deeper social connections with a limited group of high quality individuals.

What We Do

Speakeasy members meet monthly at exclusive venues all over Metro Atlanta known only to members. We do not wear nametags, but red carnations instead. This was inspired by the HBO show Boardwalk Empire character Nucky Thompson, who has a fresh red carnation delivered to wear on his suit every day. Speakeasy is not a traditional networking event. The passing of business cards, is frowned upon and generally prohibited in the first hour of the vent. This is not a sales event. This is an event for business owners and executives to convene, relax and share ideas.


How to Get In

All members are personally approved by the Head Aficionado and founder, Chad Massaker, and should meet one or more of the following criteria:

Definite Acceptance:

* Be a C-Level business executive in a business that sells only to other businesses
* Be a business owner of a business that sell only to other businesses that is at least 5+ years old with 3+ employees
* Be a business consultant or solopreneur of at least 5 years who's clients are primarily businesses (not consumers)
* Business Owner or C-Level Executive of a Luxury Brand (cars, jewelry, watches etc.)
* Business-to-Consumer Business Owners or Executives from Very Large Brands (e.g. Fortune 1000, Coke, Delta Airlines, etc.)
* Business-to-Consumer Business Owners or Executives with Multiple Locations (3 or more)
* Business-to-Consumer Business Owners or Executives that look more like investors (owning 1 McDonalds will get you in. Owning 5 will)
* Collectors of Art or Other Antiquities
* Professional Athletes (must be Olympic level or from a major league)

Questionable Acceptance:

* Sales People (I want to see many years in industry and get a feeling that you're not joining to sell) Strictly

Prohibited From Joining:

* Multi-Level Marketers of Any Kind (Amway, Legal Sheila, Mary Kay, etc.)

Did I not cover your profession? Just note that in your application notes. Don't worry, we will vet you, as we do with every applicant.

This is not a men-only group. We encourage women to join as well, but prefer that they be cigar smokers (best case) or cigar tolerant (worst case).

In closing, the final choice for acceptance belongs to the Head Aficionado and all decisions are final. Also, you must be active and attend events. If you fail to attend an event for 6 months straight, the system will automatically eject you from our membership roster.



When applying to join, please make sure to answer all questions completely and provide a link to your Linkedin profile. We research every member that applies starting with Linkedin, so if you don't have a profile there, get one and make sure that it is well fleshed out - preferably with links to your company web site, company Linkedin page, recommendations, blog, etc. Preference is given to more established Linkedin profiles (more information is better).

If you do not answer all of the questions or forget to add your Linkedin profile link, your application will automatically be denied.

Sorry, but we are very discerning about the quality of our membership and this is one way that we can ensure that applicants meet our membership criteria.

You must also use your real head shot. No avatars, company logos, etc.

Finally, we are an active group. If you don't show up for event for 6 consecutive months, you automatically be ejected and have to reapply for membership.

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