What we're about

Welcome to the Speaker Sisterhood of Salem, New Hampshire. I am thrilled and honored to be leading the first club to launch in the state of New Hampshire.

This club offers a plethora of opportunity and possibility for women, which include some of the following:

• Recognition, acknowledgement and expression of your voice and your truth
• A safe, FUN and compassionate environment for self-discovery
• A community of supportive and inspiring women just like you
• Space for you to move from fear to love in regards to enhancing your public speaking skills
• Personal and professional development
• Accountability, authenticity and vulnerability

Are you a woman looking to develop and enhance your public speaking skills? Or are you looking to speak up in a direct and honest way in your most important relationships? Then come and check out Speaker Sisterhood of Salem, NH. You can come as a guest for free to find out what we're all about and what a speaking club could do for you!

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