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Some Meetups will be simple circles for 'spirited' conversations. Other Meetups will combine spirited conversations with interactive workshops, seances, etc.

I've known for a long time that I have an affinity for the dead, but I didn't really understand it. It was something of a surprise when people who have crossed over started asking me to pass along a message to a loved one. I say that with a chuckle, because they don't just ask, they pester me until the message has been delivered.

I blossomed late. I didn’t think of myself as a spiritual medium. I knew I had psychic talent and simply thought that they were my spiritual guides. After having my hands analyzed to uncover my life purpose, it was very clear that speaking for the dead is part of my Life Purpose. I didn’t know what to do with that. (I'm still rolling my eyes!)

Nature abhors a vacuum: Since then, the Dead have been training me: Crash courses in life and death. LOL

Generally, it happens that someone will be telling me about their loved one who passed over, and that loved one will present him/herself with a message for me to deliver.
*Messages are almost always of hope and love.
*Sometimes it’s a personal version of “I’m sorry.”
*Sometimes it's about JUSTICE. Murder victims. I'm an artist; I can sketch and describe.

BEREAVEMENT: Being left behind by death creates a huge empty hole. Most of our friends tiptoe around that hole, trying not to upset us. We're going to stare that hole down and fill it with life. The Ones who have already passed over WANT you to fill it to the brim with life and living and love. If you've journeyed to the point where you think you might want to live after all, this group is for you. There's no pressure - and there's no better time to start than now.

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