What we're about

This group is for anyone wanting to learn about public speaking, developing your leadership skills, personal development and more.

You will also learn about, for example:-

- over coming you fear

- how to effectively engage with your audience

- talk from the stage

- creating effective testimonial for your business

- speak to camera

- use of video

- online and offline marketing

- importance of well being

- and much much more.

We also plan to build this group to help promote a new initiative (New Tycoon) for online education comprising personal development and various other topics. You will be able to access this through live stream or actually attending the event.

We will also explore how to get access to a new learning and earning platform. Yes you can learn and earn at the same time! There are many more topics that are planned to be covered to help your personal development, learn to start a new business or how to take your business to the next level.

We will post more details as we develop and share content through workshops and events.

We welcome audience including: Individuals, Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) or Large Corporations. Both profit and non-profit organisations are welcome.

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