CALL FOR SPEAKERS at the Las Vegas Public Speakers Club - South Side Meeting


The purpose of the Las Vegas Speakers Clubs is to create a community where you can 1) Sharpen your speaking skills, 2) Grow your biz and 3) Make some great connections and partnerships.

YOUR SPEAKING TOPIC We encourage everyone to speak at these meetings... for at least a minute. (However, you are never forced to do anything that you don't want to do!) The purpose of your speaking can be anything you choose... You can speak about your business, a story, a part of your signature speech, anything that you is your time to share. BUT...If you wanted a couple of topic choices to get the creativity is what we suggest: 1. What you do 2. What you are passionate about 3. A Turning Point in your life 4. A story of inspiration 5. A story of motivation. can speak on anything you like and we are excited to hear from you.

**Speeches will be broad casted live on Facebook** This will allow even more exposure to our speakers and allow you to build an online presence for more opportunities to potential business relationships. If you would prefer to not be shown on social media, please let me know.

Members have priority to speak in 3 minute or 5 minute spotlight speaking spots. One member will have the opportunity to speak for up to 15 minutes! Guests will have the opportunity to speak for 1 minute in our speed speaking session.

If you would like to apply for one of the 3, 5 or 15 minute speaking spots, please send an e-mail request to [masked], with Speaking Request in the subject line. Please include your name and phone number so we can contact you to discuss your request.

Time: The doors open at 1:00 PM for networking and completing our "get to know your colleagues" exercise. The program will start at 1:00 pm and goes until 4:00pm

Cost: If you are a first or second time visitor the event is FREE. After your first two visits, if you are interested in becoming a member it is only $297 for the entire year and you get a host of extra benefits. We'll tell you about the membership benefits at the event!

Please RSVP here (on Meetup). We want to make sure we have plenty of seats available for attendees!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Al Jensen