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Please don't join if you won't attend. We want to help you GROW your skills through participation! We share REAL tips from professionals in the business who write, speak, and coach on this topic. Tackling this fear gets recognition from your peers and can increase sales and career success.

This group is led by an International Professional Speaker who is also a published Author and Podcaster. She's known as a Results Oriented speaker who "tells it like it is". She started her business with $250 and has shared the stage with a President and movie stars. EACH session that you attend is well worth the $10 investment as you will get "insider" secrets that can catapult you to success.

The $10 investment attracts people what are SERIOUSLY interested in participating and adding to the conversation. The quality of the information and networking opportunities are enhanced greatly with this small financial commitment. If you have not attended in three months, Meetup will automatically remove your membership. We want you to actively attend to advance your goal of getting better with your words.

Not only will you get personal attention for YOUR needs at these meetings - you can also ASK about personal one-on-one coaching. And you will be given other resources that can increase your business and opportunities. Welcome to this ACTIVE and dedicated group of people who value the Power of Words.

Fear of Speaking in Public? (https://youtu.be/la31sP2ndng)

OBTW - You can also connect at http://www.Sheryl.com and sign up to get additional tools there - Plus join our Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Speakingwit...; or listen to Sheryl's podcast at www.GetaLifeBalanced. We also have a linkedin group we will share at the next meeting. Looking forward to advancing your skills and your life!


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Capture Them in the First Sentence! Creative Openings

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What can YOU say in your FIRST sentence to capture the attention of your audience? And it can't be a question like "Having a good time? Wasn't that GREAT? Want to clap for our previous speaker? or..." Learning the importance of creatively communicating in those first few minutes WILL make a difference to your listener - whether you are Networking on Zoom or taking your first steps on a stage. Let's practice this time and get input from our other attendees. And we'll add a little unexpected fun in the celebration of moving forward - (not going back) to a new normal. This group has been meeting for over 9 years. EVERY Session is Value Packed. Your $10 includes a drink and snacks PLUS some stellar education from a speaking Expert. View more credentials at www.Sheryl.com EVERY Session is Value Packed. Your $10 includes a drink and snacks PLUS some stellar education from a speaking Expert,

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Honing Your Signature Story - WILL BE on Zoom

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