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Does the fear of Speaking…

Limit your true amazing potential?

Prevent you from taking professional risks?

Stand in the way of a fulfilling relationship?

Fear wounds your self-esteem, damages your personal dreams, and blocks the gifts you could otherwise offer your friends and community. Here is the chance to overcome these fears and dramatically enhance your ability to express yourself in all areas of your life.

Speaking with Ease Meetup will help you discover the power of your own voice. This meetup focuses on what matters in any communication – your authentic self. The process gently guides you to transform fear into a magnetic presence. You will learn how to:

Connect with yourself and others

Tap into your natural strengths

Speak courageously in any situation

Speaking with Ease is a group for helping people end speaking anxiety and stage fright.

This gentle yet potent practice transforms self-consciousness to self-confidence by strengthening your natural capacity to:

Create a "field of belonging" in a group by holding the calm center.

Communicate confidently and clearly with individuals and groups.

Expand your professional presence to improve the quality and impact of your business relationships.

Bring out the best in others by seeing their authentic selves.

Speaking with Ease Group programs transform the way people communicate by focusing on the essential first step missing in conventional public speaking trainings — the connection between speaker and listeners. Our relationship-based approach provides facilitated listening support in which you explore and discover how to express yourself confidently and naturally in your own unique style, without performance techniques.

This group is a unofficial peer supported group based on : Speaking Circles (http://www.speakingcirclesinternational.com/)

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Speaking with Ease Meeting

Chuck Comstock

Speaking with Ease Meeting

Chuck Comstock

Speaking with Ease Meeting

Chuck Comstock

Speaking with Ease Meeting

Chuck Comstock

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