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Welcome to the Speak with Confidence group to help you improve your confidence speaking. The intention is to give your confidence, tools and mindset strategies to be a messenger for a very important message.


We have Webinars, Meetups, and Online Programs to help you improve your speaking, leadership, and basic communication skills.


Deborah Deras, known as the nation's top Peak Performance Latina Speaker. Don't take my word for it Google, Latina Speaker and you will see Deborah' Deras, you organizers speaking videos, events, and workshops. Deborah has been speaking professionally for over 16 years. She has shared the stage with huge speakers such as Michael Beckwith, Panache Desai, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson, Stedman Graham, Eva Longoria, and Jack Canfield. Her corporate client list includes Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, J.P. Morgan, State Farm, New York Life, Macy's, Verizon, British Petroleum, and more. You can download her free book on how to speak with more confidence. http://www.DeborahDeras.com/speaknow.


If you are a bit shy and prefer to start learning from the comfort of your own home, Deborah has Speaking Videos that you can SUBSCRIBE to her youtube channel, Latina Speaker. There are videos to help you with your speaking. www.DeborahDerasLive.com.

If you would like to Be A Paid Speaker Now, listen to her podcast with over 67 episodes on how to www.BeAPaidSpeakerNowPodcast.com.

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YouTube 102

Online event

You know you need a YouTube channel, but how do you create videos that people want to watch? How to create content that people will want to share and compel them to see you as an expert to procure your products and services? People who have a big following on YouTube don’t do it by accident. There is a specific strategy, and you need to know the playbook and follow the rules. Get access to an exclusive YouTube training program to get you from [masked],[masked]k and 10k-100k or up to 1 million if you are ambitious Discover the ten fundamentals for blowing up your channel Receive a checklist of income-producing activities Q&A to get all your questions answered throughout the Webinar October 27, 2020, Tuesday 10 am – 1150 am Register at: https://norwalkchamber.com/event/youtube-for-business-webinar-series-2/

YouTube 103

Online event

Just like a Website without Search Engine Optimization, you will not be discovered on YouTube. It is not enough to upload a video; there are five steps you must do to have your videos be found in search. Discover these quick hacks to get your content discovered and monetize your message. -How to title videos by keywords to get the most impact -How to create compelling thumbnails and why you need them -The important of tags to get discovered -How to set up end cards and info cards -How to set up playlists to organize your channel to increase view time -How to categorize your channel for optimal viewership -How to add recommended channels to increase watch time, your currency on YouTube, and so much more November 3, 2020, Tuesday 10 am – 1150 am Register at: https://norwalkchamber.com/event/youtube-for-business-webinar-series-3/

How to Sell on Instagram

Online event

We all know that Instagram has become even hotter since quarantine began, and people are now using it for voting campaigns, yoga classes, and more. But how to get started? First, you need to set up your Instagram in alignment with your brand, and in this Webinar, you will learn the basics of developing your brand on IG so you can sell. You will learn: - What the Instagram platform is and how it is very different from other platforms - How to set up your Profile to be found by your target audience - How to schedule your content for the entire week - How to organically get followers - How to turn “likes” into sales with one link - How to create compelling content - How to use Highlights as sales tools - How to create appealing content that aligns with your brand November 4,[masked]am – 1130am Register here: https://www.paramountchamber.com/events/free-webinar-how-to-make-instagram-work-for-you/

Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Online event

On Instagram, hashtags are the key to targeting new clients/customers. Without the proper ones, you will not be discovered, but with the right ones, you can gain attention for your brand from your ideal target market and current customers. And with the right hashtags, you’ll even generate strategic alliances. In this session, you will learn: - What are hashtags? - Why are hashtags not all created equal? - A case study of how a hashtag booked a $3,500 client - How to make money from a hashtag - How many hashtags can you use, and what should you use to attract ideal customers? - How to do market research on hashtags to come up in the feed - How to use hashtags in IG Stories, and why? November 11,[masked]am – 1030am Register here: https://www.paramountchamber.com/events/free-webinar-how-to-make-instagram-work-for-you-2/

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