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Have you ever tasted specialty coffee?

The purpose of this group is to give its members the full coffee experience so now is your opportunity.

Hosted by Matthew Deyn at Brew Coffee Plus' roastery in South London, we are craftsmen and artisans dedicated to creating memorable coffee experiences by mindful sourcing, careful roasting, and thoughtful brewing.

If you enjoy drinking coffee, learning more about how it gets into your cup or simply want an experience to remember, come and join us and partake in a new coffee tasting session that aims to educate and deliver on flavour.

Our event is limited to six people per session in order to give you the best possible tasting experience.

In it you will taste a range of different coffees - all single-origin (meaning they are fully traceable from one farm) - from naturally processed Colombian micro-lots to washed Kenyan PB's and more.

Included in the tasting session will be:
-espresso (including a range of different styles)
-flat white
-the traditional cappucino
-pour-over filter

The session will also include a sensory tasting element where you will get to compare and contrast some of the finest coffees from other specialty coffee roasters to help you understand different roast styles and what you might want to try in the future at home.

All event participants will receive a single-origin bag of filter coffee from a country of their choice.

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