Equitable Futures Workshop


Come help develop social fictions that describe a more equitable future!

Social fictions are stories about the future that are grounded in social issues. Institute for the Future (IFTF) has asked for our help to get new stories of equity out into the world to inspire the change that communities want.

This event during Equitable Futures Week will be an opportunity to come together and learn/use IFTF's toolkit to imagine new social fictions that light a pathway toward more fair, just, and equitable societies in 2030.

IFTF will later synthesize all the ideas from the virtual community to build a global map of a more equitable future.

Spread the word about Equitable Futures Week!

Check out @IFTF’s #EquitableFutures Toolkit, and join the movement. www.iftf.org/equitablefuturesweek2019