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Who Else Wants to Rapidly Boost Their Business by Making New Business Connections and Getting Referrals in the Most Efficient Way?

Here you'll make lots of new business connections and gets sacks full of referrals at every event because our Business Speed Networking Club is growing fast and only a fraction of all members are able to attend a given event.

Speed Networking is a relatively new and highly efficient form of Business Networking. It is 6-10 times more efficient than regular Business Networking because in a Speed Networking session you can make up to 30 new business connections per hour! So, you'll save a lot of time and energy.

If done right, Speed Networking makes Business Networking not only super easy and painless for everyone but also allows you to add value to other people and their contacts -- all within just 60 seconds talking to the person in front of you.

So, in Speed Networking you can plant a seed for a new business relationship in 60 seconds (or less) and then expand on that and nurture the new "business relationship seedling" afterwards.

The duration of the Speed Networking session depends on the number of people attending. Attendees are divided into 2 groups and move during the session in a round robin fashion. That makes sure you'll speak to at least half of the people present. Plus, when structuring the whole thing we try to maximize the number of NEW contacts you'll make at every event.

But we don't stop there. We don't just want to maximize the number of new business contacts you make at our events (=quantity). We also want you to maximize the actual business bottom-line results you get out of those new business connections (=quality).

And that's what makes our Speed Networking Business Club so unique:

Only here you can learn how to design your 60-second presentation in a way that makes you so attractive to potential clients and referrals that they can hardly wait to hear more from you!

So, here we actively help you to boost your business bottom-line results more than at ANY other business networking event you might ever attend in your life!

To demonstrate his level of commitment when it comes to boosting bottom-line results in business, the Club President has legally changed his name to Alexs Bottomline-Booster.

In the first hour of every event he will give a presentation on:
"How to MASSIVELY boost the bottom-line results you get out of EVERY single networking event."

That will help you to become a Speed Networking MASTER and make Speed Networking not just efficient, but also extremely effective for YOU!

And armed with these new networking skills, all other (regular) business networking meet-ups, events and meetings will also become much more productive for you. At any business networking event you'll be able to blow everyone out of the water -- not only by making the most business connections, but also by making those people really want to hear more from you and leave them almost begging you for more information...

Click Here to Join The #1 Business Bottom-Line Boosting Speed Networking Club! It's FREE. Join Now!

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