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Greetings! My name is Kelly “Jumping Mouse”, I am originally from Oklahoma of Chickasaw and Metis (mixed blood) heritage, transplanted to California, landing permanently in North Carolina to fulfill my dream of living in the mountains and woods where spring water gurgles from Grandmother Earth into streams, creeks, and rivers. To my surprise the New River in Ashe County may only be surpassed in age by the Nile in Africa. Water is healing, and rivers that flow North are rare. Yes, these mountains are ancient, and many who travel here can feel this deep in their bones. In 2010 I created Spirit Canoe Lodge as a sacred space where community could gather together in their desire to “grow corn” on a personal and collective level. It is my passion to inspire others to dig into their shadow, unearth the treasure within, and make their dreams a reality. I have studied and apprenticed within the SweetMedicine SunDance Path of Turtle Island for the last 20 years. I am honored to teach and lead ceremonies designed to support others in their desire to grow, evolve, and stand in the center of their own circle of life! I have also worked as a photographer for the last 25 years. You may have seen some of my work in Ashe or Watauga counties. There is much beauty here to capture!

About Our Lineage of Teachings & Ceremonies

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is a Metis (mixed blood) lineage whose vision is to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, dogma and superstition using our unique knowledge and ceremony to seed the future generations with Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Freedom. The teachings come in the form of wheels and keys, time tested knowledge that works. For thousands of years Medicine Men and Women, Shamans and other seekers from various tribes of Turtle Island (North, South and Central America) traveled beyond their tribal boundaries to gather knowledge and wisdom “twisting braids of truth”. They knew that true knowledge is self knowledge – felt, tested and integrated in a way that always leads to changes in body, mind and spirit, life changes that work. The Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders preserves and shares this sacred knowledge. For more information about this Path you may visit this website: http://www.dtmms.org/

Upcoming events (5+)

Fall Equinox Purification Lodge & Potluck

Spirit Canoe Lodge

Fall is nature's transition and preparation for the next phase of life...Winter. How do we as human's handle transition? with beauty or resistance? Change is undeniable and nature is a powerful teacher that can show us the grace possible within all transitions. This is a sacred ceremony that is open to all men and women that desire to connect with the elements, the worlds of Grandmother Earth, to pray (for self, life and others), to purify (emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually), and who choose to grow and evolve as humans. IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS LODGE, PLAN TO ARRIVE AT 1PM FOR ORIENTATION. I look forward to our time together, Kelly Jumping Mouse[masked] Cell:[masked] [masked]

Full Moon Purification Lodge & Potluck

Spirit Canoe Lodge

FULL MOON PURIFICATION LODGE & POTLUCK This Lodge continues the TRANSITIONS theme from the Equinox. The full moon shines the light on what may be lurking within the shadow. The opportunity is to see more clearly the change our higher self is demanding. When done within a community gathering we accelerate our growth in a personal and collective way and surrender to change with grace. Typically called the Hunter’s Moon, October is the time to really get prepared for winter. What is your spirit hunting for in this ceremony? Bring your intent and hungry spirit to our gathering! You must RSVP to receive the protocols about how to prepare for this ceremony. This information and directions here are emailed to those sure they are attending. Gifting and what to bring in addition to a potluck dish are fully explained. I look forward to our time together, Kelly Jumping Mouse[masked] Photo by Austin Neil

New Moon Sisterhood Gathering & Purification Lodge

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New Moon Sisterhood Gathering & Lodge Saturday October 26th @ 6pm - Sunday Noon First time participants arrive @ 6m for full orientation of the ceremony Dear Sisters Join a group of women co-empowering each other. Women of all ages are encouraged to attend. The New Moon energy is the perfect time to look inward, clear things out that no longer work, refresh, rejuvenate, and create something new. Our gatherings will include frank discussions about how to care for ourselves as we care for others, balance of feminine/masculine energies, Sisterhood Mirroring ceremonies, Rites of Passage, and healing techniques. What our future gatherings include is open to discussion before and after the purification lodge. The different stages of a woman's life hold treasures that can mentor other Sisters in the many phases we each will experience. Aligning with change is the way of the feminine. These gatherings are intended to support natural transitions, cultivate the power we have as women, and to wield that power with grace, strength, and take responsibility for our wounding and heal. This gathering will include: Opening calling in the directions Talking stick about what is needed by women in our community Purification Lodge Breakfast & sharing circle Each Gathering is limited to 20 women sign up early! Cost: Suggested donation of 20$ to the Lodge plus gifts for Kelly and the fire crew. Please consider staying over after the lodge for an additional 25$/bed donation. We will put the lodge away Sunday morning and share a breakfast together. Turn your maybees into a YES don't wait to decide what you already know you want to do. I look forward to the pleasure of your company! Kelly Jumping Mouse[masked]

OM Mini Weekend Retreat

Spirit Canoe Lodge

OM Mini Weekend Retreat November 1 -2 It is believed that Om is the first sound that emerged from the vibrations of the cosmic energy that created the universe. Chanting Om helps one to remember enlightenment by realizing delusions of the ego and separate self. When we come together to share voice, our mood goes up, and heartbeats synchronize within the group strengthening our bond. When the Om Mantra is chanted in a group, the effects are amplified and this will produce immense positive vibrations which charge up the human luminosity and the entire vicinity. The vibration and sound created by chanting Om is felt in the entire body strengthening vocal cords and the muscles along the spinal column, as well as decrease in blood pressure leaving the practitioner feeling calm and focused. Schedule: Friday, November 1,[masked]pm- Saturday, November 2,[masked]pm Friday November 1 7-9pm Gather and eat a light dinner 9-10 Om Circle 10-10:30 Meditation Saturday November 2 6-7am Om Circle 7-8:30 Meditation 8:30-10:30 Breakfast and free time 10:30-11:30 Om Circle 11:30-12 Meditation Energy exchange of $35 includes lodging Bring food to share To register email Lauren Rinehardt at [masked] Currency accepted: Venmo @Lauren-Rinehardt, CashApp $lerinehardt, or send check to Lauren Rinehardt PO Box 204 Elk Park, NC 28622 About the facilitator Lauren Rinehardt is a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified yoga instructor for the past 6 years. During a recent trip to Thailand, she discovered that connection through community was necessary to thrive in this journey of life. Spirit Canoe Lodge has provided many of these connections, and she desires to add her energy to raising the vibration of this mountain location as a way for her to give back to the land and the sacred beings of our community. Lauren shares her vibrant and infectious enthusiasm for life and spirit with all those she comes in contact with.

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Community Purification Lodge & Potluck

Spirit Canoe Lodge

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