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Greetings! My name is Kelly “Jumping Mouse”, I am originally from Oklahoma of Chickasaw and Metis (mixed blood) heritage, transplanted to California, landing permanently in North Carolina to fulfill my dream of living in the mountains and woods where spring water gurgles from Grandmother Earth into streams, creeks, and rivers. To my surprise the New River in Ashe County may only be surpassed in age by the Nile in Africa. Water is healing, and rivers that flow North are rare. Yes, these mountains are ancient, and many who travel here can feel this deep in their bones. In 2010 I created Spirit Canoe Lodge as a sacred space where community could gather together in their desire to “grow corn” on a personal and collective level. It is my passion to inspire others to dig into their shadow, unearth the treasure within, and make their dreams a reality. I have studied and apprenticed within the SweetMedicine SunDance Path of Turtle Island for the last 20 years. I am honored to teach and lead ceremonies designed to support others in their desire to grow, evolve, and stand in the center of their own circle of life! I have also worked as a photographer for the last 25 years. You may have seen some of my work in Ashe or Watauga counties. There is much beauty here to capture!

About Our Lineage of Teachings & Ceremonies

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is a Metis (mixed blood) lineage whose vision is to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, dogma and superstition using our unique knowledge and ceremony to seed the future generations with Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Freedom. The teachings come in the form of wheels and keys, time tested knowledge that works. For thousands of years Medicine Men and Women, Shamans and other seekers from various tribes of Turtle Island (North, South and Central America) traveled beyond their tribal boundaries to gather knowledge and wisdom “twisting braids of truth”. They knew that true knowledge is self knowledge – felt, tested and integrated in a way that always leads to changes in body, mind and spirit, life changes that work. The Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders preserves and shares this sacred knowledge. For more information about this Path you may visit this website: http://www.dtmms.org/

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