What we're about

We seek to deepen our relationships and connection with the natural world, for the purposes of healing, growth and awakening consciousness. Every part of our natural world is infused with intelligence and aliveness. When we connect with these energies with intention, reverence and reciprocity, we expand our sense of belonging and “support network” to the greater web of life!

All are welcome at our events, which are focused more on cultivating wonder, discovery and community . . . and less on what we already know.

The intention is to have different people share a variety of practices, activities and experiences for helping us humans connect with the spirits of nature. The sources of guidance may be vast, including Shamanism, Deep Ecology, Herbalism, Animism, Eco-Psychology, Evolutionary Cosmology, First Nations Practices, Earth-Based Religions, etc. We are open to your activity ideas and leadership.

Past events (5)

Earth Spirit Book Group: Braiding Sweetgrass

Online event

Earth Spirit Book Group: Braiding Sweetgrass

Online event

Human Flowering Creation Song Ceremony

Flanders House

Communicating with Nature Spirits - Healing Focus

Mt Tabor Park

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