What we're about

Spirit Energy Movement is Amrita Saraswati teaching women's classes (meditation, Tibetan/Indian yoga, chi gung, tai chi) and workshops, based on the teachings of Goswami Sunyata Saraswati.

Whether you are a beginner, curious of other arts, or advanced student, you will be guided through the breath with movement in each class. Simple, flowing movements, yet yields positive and powerful results over time.

The classes originate in the longevity arts of Dr. Li Ching Yuen, Tibetan nun practices for longevity and purity, Tibetan nun practices for physical and energetic health, and Taoist exercises for hormonal health. You may tune into the meditative and spiritual quality of the classes as well.

Looking forward to seeing you in class, whether you are a beginner or experienced student. All women honored in our space. Please wear comfortable clothing to allow movement. The website below has complete information. Thank you.

"Have fun with it!" - Goswami Sunyata Saraswati

Body - Energy - Heart - Mind - Spiritual Evolution


Women-only classes:


Chi Gung

Tai Chi

Vajra Yogini yoga (Tibetan/Indian)
Turtle Chi Gung
Moontime Movement & Meditation
Midlife Movement & Meditation
Vishnu Therapy

Other classes and workshops by other teachers may be listed on this meetup also, and may be open to women and men, or just men.

Thank you! _/\_

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