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Are you Longing to be with Someone Who Flows in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
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To our Meetup Group - As a Spirit Filled Christian Single, how many times have you sat home thinking how fun it would be to hangout with other Spirit Filled Christian Singles? Well, then this is the group for you! It's for Singles who would like to get together for Fellowship, Worship, Ministry, Evangelism, Prophecy, Prayer or just have fun doing things together, such as: activities, home church, dinner for 10 or pick a restaurant. I'm looking for other members from VA, DC and MD to help plan some fun things together; it takes God First and a team of believers to be successful.

Just because we're Spirit Filled and Single doesn't mean we can't have fun and enjoy life. This group is for True Spirit Filled Christian Singles that operate in the Gifts of Spirit. I think it's awesome to be around like minded people that speak the same language who walk together in the Spirit. And, as you know being evenly yoked with someone is so important, especially when it comes to the Gifts of the Spirit.

First, I want to thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity. Every great idea comes out of a need, want or a desire to make a difference and that's what this Group is about for me, to make a difference in Spirit Filled Believers lives to help them hear and be led by the Holy Spirit to chose the one God has for them!

I would like to thank new members for joining and look forward to suggestions and fun things we can do together to help this group be a blessing in many peoples lives. I believe this is a team effort to do something great for God and for our Sisters and Brothers in the Lord.

I am looking for a few Organizers once in a while to assist, please contact me.

Take Care and God Bless.

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"BACON - Potluck Dinner Party"
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

"BACON-LOVERS" For those of you that would love to try different types of Bacon Recipes I would like to propose an Event to see whos interested in attending? Each person will Make and bring A Savory or Sweet Bacon Dish, there we can exchange Recipes and enjoy eating all kinds of different things we might not normally try. On Pinterest they have tons of Bacon Recipes, plus you can also check out google images and Bacon recipes there too. Here's a few examples... How about: "Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites" "Zesty Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp" "Bacon-Wrapped Cheesy Stuffed Jalapenos" "Pull-Apart Bacon Bread" "Candied Bacon Baked Brie Cheese" "Mozzarella Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf" "Bacon Wrapped Smokies & Brown Sugar Glaze" "Salted Caramel Bacon Bark" "Bacon Cannoli" "Bacon Smores" To name a few... I would love to have various types of different food events every so often. Not sure of location yet as I want to see how many people are interested in attending most likely will be on a Saturday afternoon/evening I will try to find a nice Church location that does venues. So if you have any ideas or locations in mind please let me know. This will be sometime in August is what I am looking for. We can have several events in multiple locations if people are interested and keep your eyes out for Church Halls or venues so please let me know. Christian Singles lets have some fun, fellowship and enjoy some great Homemade Bacon Dishes. God Bless, Marie

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