What we're about

We are spiritual souls in NYC learning about personal development, energy healing, and intuition.

This group is for all of the cosmically conscious people in the city who want to develop and claim their:

• High vibes

• Spiritual + emotional strength

• Psychic + intuitive senses

• Meditation skills

• Strength as an empath

• Soulmate and Twin Flame relationship -- no matter where in the world they are!

• Connection with a deeper meaning to life and their definition of "God"

• The innate wisdom you were born with and just need to remember

Living in modern day society can take you far away from who you truly are in your heart + soul. This group's mission is to gently guide you back to who you TRULY are. It's just a matter of remembering!

We'll learn many techniques that will help you navigate a fast-paced life in the Big Apple such as:

• Grounding and clearing techniques

• Learning to listen to and align with your inner voice

• Receiving messages from your Spirit Guides + Higher Self

• Aura and chakra self-care

• Metaphysical tools to strengthen your soul's A-Game: high vibe crystals, cleansing tools, tips + tricks of the trade

• Various energy healing modalities: Reiki, shamanism, intuitive healing, trance channeling, spiritual surgery and more!

• Various psychic reading techniques: tarot/oracle cards, psychometry, automatic writing, mediumship, palm reading and more!

Who is Spirit Radical?

You are! Understand that the Universe makes NO mistakes. The fact that you're seeing this is a sign that you are a Radical Spirit -- a lightworker, spiritual warrior, Starseed, or Indigo Child that grew into a conscious adult.

We are also Spirit Radical!

About Christine + Brendon (https://spiritradical.com/about/), Co-Founders of Spirit Radical

We're twin flames and an Australian and Cuban-American husband-and-wife team. We are naturally gifted energy healers and intuitives with 25+ years of collective experience in the healing arts and spiritual-psychic development, including:

• Clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairvoyant

• Reiki Masters

• EMF Balancing Technique practitioner

• Worked and studied in spiritual communities around the world: Findhorn Foundation (Scotland), John of God (Brazil), Osho Community (Australia)

We lovingly co-founded Spirit Radical offering Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing (https://spiritradical.com/services/) to clients in NYC and all over the world. To learn more about us visit our website. (http://www.SpiritRadical.com)

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Free People FP Movement

Rose Healing Ceremony - A Shamanic Practice

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)

Flash Sale on Readings + Energy Healing!

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