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After many years devoted to the study and practice of mediumship, this group is now broadening its scope and embarking on a new project: to serve as a venue for all of us who are interested in sharing our views and experiences on spirituality, how we perceive and relate with our spiritual nature and how this relationship fulfill the purpose of helping us to become a more loving, compassionate, tolerant and forgiving human being. In times where conflicting views from many religious and spiritual leaders from different schools of thought are so often the cause of division, social inequalities, scientific stagnation, human rights violations and violence, this group firmly believes that bringing together people with different spiritual perspectives and understanding can be an enriching, enlightening and renovating experience for all members.

The format we envision is the one of a study group where we would meet, say, once a month with a specific, pre-arranged topic to discuss (in principle, one month should be enough for the participants to have time to collect some information about the topic). The discussions can be as informal as a round-table but not more formal than a power-point presentation. There are a number of topics that could be discussed, among others, Scientific Evidences of Reincarnation, Prayer and the Power of our Thoughts, “Magnetic” Healing as a Therapeutic Method, History of Modern Spiritualism, Reincarnation and Spiritual Growth, Mediumship as a Tool to Help Others, Without Love There is No Salvation, The Concept of Reincarnation in Early Christianity, The Greatest World Mediums, etc, etc. These are just a few ideas. The input of all participants can lead us to many more.

Of course, any of the sample topics above could be the source of a Meetup Group on its own. The idea here is not to become scholars in whatever topic we choose to discuss, but simply to enhance our knowledge and broaden our horizons, with a particular emphasis on the similarities among different views and beliefs rather than on the differences. After all, it is in the similarities that the truth most likely resides.

Needless to say that the success of this group relies heavily on the diversity of ideas, experiences and background of its participants. Therefore, anyone interested in finding new insights on the spiritual ties that bind us together, and help us to achieve the inner transformations that lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life is encouraged to join.

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