North Slope Trail up to the top of Mt. Sonoma 10 mile, Moderate, Rain check hike

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North Slope Park

5301-5379 Sonoma Mountain Rd · Santa Rosa, CA

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Parking lot at end of road near restrooms

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We will be treated to lot of wild flowers this time!

This time we will go up to the top Mt. Sonoma from the end of the new North Slope regional park. A county park pass or $7 is necessary to park here. The park is located about 3 miles up Sonoma Mountain Road from Bennett Valley Rd. It's located at the Jacobs Ranch site. Please allow extra time to find this if this is your first time. The trail is over 4 miles which should make our total 10ish miles as we will go out and back. The altitude climb should be about 1800 ft. This is what the recent write up had to say about the trail: The 820-acre park southeast of Santa Rosa features a 4-mile Bay Area Ridge Trail connection to Jack London State Historic Park. The trail climbs to nearly 2,000 feet on the north face of the mountain, leading hikers across creeks and forests and offering stunning views of Sonoma County. This addition to the Regional Parks system provides the first public access to the north side of Sonoma Mountain, one of the county's defining landforms. It includes the headwaters of two branches of Matanzas Creek, the only remaining coast redwood groves on the mountain’s north slope, large areas of continuous oak woodlands, and a vernal pool with a rare buttercup plant species. It also supports the Sonoma Valley wildlife corridor, providing habitat for mountain lions, bobcats, golden eagles, western pond turtles, and other animals. T“North Slope Mountain provides spectacular views and access to a rare and wonderful landscape.” Before the transfer, the District and Regional Parks collaborated with the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, the California Coastal Conservancy and California State Parks to build the Ridge Trail segment and a parking area. The segment is a standout among county trails due to its quality design and through-hiking opportunities. When combined with Jack London’s existing and new trail segments, Sonoma Mountain now has about 9 miles of Bay Area Ridge Trail. “We are so excited to be part of this trail network," said Regional Parks Director Caryl Hart. "In addition to great hiking, North Sonoma Mountain gives residents and visitors a chance to better understand a Sonoma County landmark and is a testament to the vision of local voters and the planning and collaboration of our partners.” The trail begins in the ferns and redwoods on the south fork of Matanzas Creek, then weaves up through forests of oaks and bay laurels and fields of native grasses. Hikers are treated to sweeping views of the Santa Rosa Plain and coastal range to the west, Taylor and Bennett Mountains and Mt. Saint Helena to the north, and Hood Mountain and Sugarloaf Ridge to the east. “Connecting the Ridge Trail across Sonoma Mountain is a tremendous accomplishment and a significant boost toward our goal of about 50 continuous miles in Sonoma County,” said Bay Area Ridge Trail Executive Director Janet McBride. “And the trail itself is absolutely world class – it will knock your socks off! As always: We combine enjoyment of the trail with respect for everyone’s time. A steady pace and we just keep going! If you are in the lead you will end up waiting at trail junctions. If you are in the back you will be asked to do your best to keep up with the group and at waiting points the group may move on as soon as you are within sight. Our pace averages 2.5mph. We do get separated from time to time as everyone walks their own pace but please bear in mind that you will need to be able to stay within several minutes of the group. Make sure this is something you are prepared for and would enjoy. Please always check your email the night before just in case there are any necessary adjustments. Cancellations or any adjustments will be posted by 10pm the previous evening. Give yourself time to find the trail head so that you arrive prior to the scheduled time. That is the time we head out on the trail. It would be disappointing to miss having you on the hike due to late arrival. You will be left behind if you are not ready to head out at the hike start time. Wear comfortable hiking shoes with good rugged soles that are well broken in. Duration: 4.5or so hours Facilities: at the trail head Dogs?: none allowed here at this time. Bring plenty of water. More than one bottle is usually a good idea. Dress in layers. The hike can start off cool but rapidly warm up Bring a snack. We have a break at the top - great stop with a view! Bring your smile and great attitude! Once again....this is not about finishing the hike in record's about enjoying ourselves and the outdoors! If you are a fast hiker you will be waiting for those of us that huff and puff our way up the trail. If you are a slow hiker you will find that we head off up the trail as soon as you catch up with the group. Please make sure this is something that you will enjoy! We are ALL about trail enjoyment while respecting everyone’s time! See you on the trail! A link to the trail brochure can be found here: