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SpiritDrum extends the concept of a drum circle to create an intimate gathering with the intention of using rhythm, chant and sound as a medium of spiritual expression and exploration. SpiritDrum blends elements of meditative drumming, sacred chant, guided meditation, life-affirming ritual and sound bath immersion to take the group on a journey of deep inner connection and expanded consciousness. This ceremonial circle encourages active participation, and is partially facilitated and partially freestyle. It is generally quieter than a typical drum circle and often involves instruments such as didgeridoos, flutes, gongs, chimes and singing bowls. No prior experience is necessary, and anyone is welcome to attend.

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October SpiritDrum at Touch Of Light Wellness Center

1991 Victory Hwy

WHAT: SpiritDrum WHEN: Saturday, October 26th, 6:30pm to 8:30pm WHERE: Touch of Light Wellness Center, 1991 Victory Hwy, Burrillville, RI HOW MUCH: $15 per adult WHO / WHY: SpiritDrum is a unique gathering that combines life-affirming ritual with meditative drumming, sacred chanting and sound exploration with an overall intention of deepening connection between the Earth-mother and our inner selves. Partly facilitated, partly freeform, SpiritDrum creates an intimate space which allows us to express our spiritual aspirations through the vibrations of our drums and voices. SpiritDrum is unlike a typical drum circle -- it is quieter, more contemplative and focused on healing through the medium of sound. For that reason, we ask two things: please leave large drums at home, and please arrive before the scheduled starting time so we don't have the disruption of people dropping in once the evening's energy has begun to flow. Some extra drums will be provided for sharing, but you are encouraged to bring smaller drums such as frame drums, doumbeks, bongos and other instruments like rattles, singing bowls, chimes, didgeridoos and flutes. No prior experience is necessary. For more info on the venue, check out www.atouchoflight.biz Note: Glendale is part of Burrillville RI

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