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Spirit Tech unifies the wisdom of spirituality and the usefulness of technology. It helps us to reclaim lost vibrancy and love of life using ritual, meditation, psychology, health and plant/teacher medicines. We draw from ancient cultures, modern neuroscience and psychology in the hopes of becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Are you interested in DMT and other plant medicine? So are we! Passionately interested, in fact. We believe that these substances are our birthright as humans who have evolved receptors in our brains to receive them. We believe the laws need to change to allow responsible and carefully regulated access to these medicines. Until they do, we want to do everything we legally can to promote and educate folks about the wonderful benefits that these teacher plants have to offer.

Meet Brandon Bryant, wizard and Spirit Technician:

"My background is in technology, I have been working on computers since the Internet was still a dream and the smartest phone anyone had was something that stored phone numbers in speed dials. Technology is a part of me, deep in my core. I was also brought up in a very religious house, my parents were Pentecostals, speaking in tongues and faith healing type shit. When I had my first brush with psychedelics, it turned all of that on its side, the science, the religion, all of it. I was gobsmacked. I did the only thing I knew how to do at that point, I started reading. Crowley, Castaneda, Tim Leary, John Lilly, Robert Anton Wilson, Gurdjieff, Antero Alli, Wilhelm Reich, the list goes on. The deeper I went, the deeper I had to go. I've beat an addiction to opiates, I've trained in martial arts, and I've survived a couple of divorces. Through it all, I have learned that our only hope is Spirit Tech, the union of what we know and what we feel, rather than continue to let them be at odds.

I chose the title of wizard because I feel that the archetype of the wizard in our mythology is particularly relevant for today. Wizards, or the wise, are really the Western equivalent of shamans. We work with what we have to solve problems for the betterment of our group, or even species, and we aren't tied down to any system of dogma or externally imposed morality."

And Jen Shakti, shaman and Spirit Technician:

"My first experiments with psychedelics in college became the foundation of my path of self-exploration with plant medicine. When I stepped onto the path of formal Shamanic training in 2008, I was introduced to Ayahuasca and San Pedro cactus in the Peruvian Amazon and the sacred valley above Cusco. The intelligence in these medicines revealed insights for my personal healing and growth. It has been like finding puzzle pieces to fit into place and as I explore further, I continue to reclaim more vitality and wellness for myself.

I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from both indigenous wisdom keepers and modern-day medicine people of both North and South America. I received training from the Four Winds Society Light Body School, Reiki certification, massage school, and Kundalini Yoga teacher training. As well I have “re-integrated” shamanism into my 25 year career as a tattoo artist. I call my work "Sacred Tattooing" which connects my clients to the ancient healing and transformational power of a tattoo.

In partnership, Brandon brings the “Tech” (wizard) and I bring “Spirit” (Shaman) to Spirit Tech. At Spirit Tech client sessions or public events, such as the “DMT Simulator”, I lead ceremony, which begins with the creation of "sacred space". Everyone gets to step out of time, and ordinary life into the realm of magic where everything is possible. I combine wisdom and vision to build an energetic bridge to a person's healed state which already exists in the future. With the help of my guides, I sense how energy is flowing in the room. I conduct this flow to best support the seeker while they journey. At Spirit Tech we offer simple and fun support strategies to help bring greater vibrancy back to our client’s lives. From that place we are ALL empowered to dream a new world into being."

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