Price: $75.00 /per person
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Energetic Meditation

Do you feel easily drained when you get home from work, running errands or in the company of friends and family? What if there was a process you could learn to help you feel restored again?

Maybe you are looking for a way to be grounded and also connected to Spirit?

Perhaps you are an empath or sensitive person who is tired of living in everyone else’s gook!

If so, then you need to attend this workshop -

Sarah Granahan and Debbie Jordan's Energetic Meditation Class.

We will be exploring the foundations our energy systems play in our daily lives and how to start managing, rebalancing and protecting these crucial components of our being that have been over looked for so many centuries.

For those who tend to shy away from meditation, this process will be a whole new experience for you! And for those wanting to deepen their meditation routines - you will enjoy this class!

By attending this workshop, you will learn a process to develop a daily recharge to your physical and energetic bodies, your emotional, mental systems and spirit bodies while deepening your connection to the Divine Essence and your Higher Self.

These techniques are invaluable to any light worker, sensitive, or for people seeking healing whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

So join us to learn the Energetic Meditation process, receive a handout to take with you and see how good you can feel!

Thursday, January 31st 6:30-9:00pm $75

Space is limited. Please RSVP to save your spot. Reservations are made through various avenues so the numbers here may not be an accurate gauge for openings still available.

Debbie Jordan, RMT, VHP is a Reiki Master / Teacher, Vibrational Healing Practitioner (VHP), Shaman, Medium, Intuitive and NLP Practitioner & Coach. She is owner of Mystical Remedies and sees clients out of The Sagewood Center and via distance work worldwide. She is also a trained Ordained High Priestess with a background in Cosmetology. To learn more about Debbie’s background and services, check out her website:

Sarah Granahan, RMT, HTP-A is an Intuitive Empath, Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice (HTP-A) & Reiki Master / Teacher (RMT). She is also an Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. Sarah is the owner of Color My Spirit and sees clients out of The Sagewood Center and via distance work worldwide. She is also author of novel, Koko’s Gift and metaphysical comic book series, Chakrula. To learn more about Sarah’s background and services, check out her website: