Soul Travel - Out of Body and Mind

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We will discuss the How, Why, What to expect, various techniques, levels or planes and Where you might project to. Seeing a past life or glimpsing the future are possibilities. Amazing unspeakable worlds and experiences are to be expected when the techniques are mastered. But the real prize is learning that You are Soul, Divine Spirit, and finding the love and freedom that exists in the Worlds of God.

From - The Sound of Soul by Harold Klemp:

Occasionally we go to a far world which has a beauty beyond words. There is no true way to describe what is seen. The closest is to say it's a world illuminated by two golden suns, and everything is seen through a golden veil. When Soul comes here and begins walking into the land of gold, It wants never to return; It wants to go on forever.

There is a yearning to go even farther, farther than ever before, because the love of God draws you on.

But our responsibilities bring us back. And the only way we can ever go further into the heart of God is to face our responsibilities to serve God in this world. This is the paradox that both allows us to grow and gives us the yearning to want to grow.

Sing HU, and you will find the way to the world of Golden Light that is exactly right for you.