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Cultivating Positive Traits and Habits with the Help of Divine Spirit (Service)

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There are many self-help books, programs and courses that speak to improving life by a variety of methods. Why is it that sometimes they work, yet other times they don't?

Perhaps the "missing link" is Divine Spirit! When our goals, dreams and aspirations are immersed in Spirit, a greater power can work on our behalf. When we are aligned with the positive, we are more apt to recognize the windows of heaven opening as we unfold into personal spiritual mastery.

In The Language of Soul (, Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of Eckankar, advises, "If you fill your consciousness with the positive aspects of Divine Spirit, there is no vacuum where the negative may enter" (pg. 129).

At this ECK Light and Sound Service, you will hear some inspirational speakers share how they spiritually cultivate positive traits and habits, which creates a life of greater harmony and happiness. You will also have a chance to experience the Sound of Soul (, a group contemplation of 6-7 minutes that can open you to a greater flow of Divine Spirit.

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