Karma and Reincarnation (Mississauga Spiritual Discussion)

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"You are Soul, an immortal being created in the timeless worlds. You existed before birth and endure beyond time and space. God made Soul before the worlds of time and space began."

"Soul comes to earth from the higher spiritual worlds to add to Its experiences. It inherits many lifetimes for the chance to learn."

" And learn It must."

—Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Karma and Reincarnation (http://www.eckbooks.org/items/Spiritual_Wisdom_on_Karma_and_Reincarnation-1097-0.html), pg. 1

Many people have begun to understand that we are much more than our bodies, our emotions, or even our minds. Some people have even had glimpses, memories, or insights into lives they have lived before. Others have witnessed the Law of Cause and Effect at work in their lives, and have begun to suspect that what we give out through our thoughts, words, and actions really does come back to us. But why?

How does karma really work? And what role do fate and free will play in determining and allowing us to move beyond the conditions of our lives?

At the heart of such questions and experiences is the opportunity to learn who we really are as Soul, an eternal, creative spiritual being. Like actors on a stage, we come back over and over in different costumes, different lives, to learn about our true spiritual identity and nature.

Come to share your experiences and insights you have gained about karma and reincarnation. You'll also have an opportunity to try a simple spiritual exercise that can help you to understand and fully benefit from both past life and present experiences!

Discussions are always free. Hope to see you there!

A complimentary copy of the book, Spiritual Wisdom on Karma And Reincarnation, will be available at the Meetup while supplies last.

In this beautiful little book, you may discover answers to long held questions. It explains, for instance, the way that fate governs our conditions at birth, but how free will allows a choice of how to move beyond them. Free will can offset or even overcome the drawbacks of destiny, but only through the awakening of one's consciousness. One may then reshape both his material and spiritual life. To do so launches us on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime!

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