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Do you feel called to connect to higher consciousness, to become your " own" teacher and channel your own wisdom, then this is the group for you.

Are you feeling an urge to connect with your true spiritual path. Are you feeling the intense energy that is moving through the planet at this time, causing great change. Your soul knows what you are, and what you are here to do. Your soul the need to be in harmony with the earth to help yourself, the earth and others. True alchemy is the transformational process of enhancing your connection with source and the planet, and being in alignment with who you really are.

This group will help you to connect to the higher consciousness of source, naturally and easily by:

- Helping you to access the source earth consciousness

- Helping you to access the higher frequencies of star energies.

- Helping you to channel your guide and other evolved beings.

- Helping you to channel source wisdom , and to be the " wisdom keeper" that you are.

- Helping you to align with your gifts and to awaken to your " soul purpose"

From using my ability to hold a strong and safe energetic space. I will help guide and facilitate a space to helpyou with your soul journey. I will support you and guide to enable spiritual transformation to take place. I look forward to meeting you.

I am a Reiki Master, Alchemic Healer, Sound Healer and Shamanic Practitioner. I have trained with amazing teachers here and abroad, including Tareth, Serge Khahili King and Hank Wesselman.

My main teachers are my beloved spiritual teams.


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Full- Shamanism Healer Training - Certified -Starts 5th May 2019

Buddha on a Bicycle


Shamanism Healer Training - Certified Limited to 10 people Join this powerful and Certified Shamanism Healer Training which starts on the 5th May 2019. At the end of the training you will receive a Certificate in Shamanism Healer Training. This is foundation training and further modules in Shamanism and Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training is available. Limited to 10 people for more one to one attention Dates of Training Sunday 5th May – Introduction to Shamanic Journeying and Healing Sunday 2nd June – Shamanism and Healing the Body Sunday 30th June – Outdoor Healing with Plants and Trees Sunday 14th July – Soul Retrieval You will be required to submit one case study before the end of the training. The course includes all handouts your certificate and other materials. You will also have a one to one supervision session taken during the course or within 1 month of the completion of the training. Cost of training £478. Early bird offer £428, save £50 if all paid by the 31st March 2019. Instalments are possible. A deposit of £119.50 will confirm your place if paying via instalments. Then 3 instalments of £119.50 Hope to see you there. Best Wishes Anthea https://www.facebook.com/shamanismandevolvingconsciousness/

Becoming the Alchemist

Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms


Becoming the Alchemist The Alchemist is the one who works with energy to transform reality. The journey of Lead to Gold, is symbolic of the magical gifts that manifest through alignment with your source self and the earth. Come to this powerful workshop, hear manifested sounds and heal and transform. I have been connected to the path of the Alchemist path over many lifetimes, and I am happy that the source has given me a number of processes and gifts to share with others. During this workshop we will work with manifested source sounds, shamanic journeying and meditation. We will use Shamanic and Alchemic practices to help you step into your Alchemical role and your magical gifts. I will initiate you into the “Magic Carpet of your Self” During this workshop we will: Work with the Consciousness of Time Where are you with the consciousness of time, what does time have to teach you, how can we merge with time to connect with the gifts it has to offer. You will work with your time Guardians, merge all aspects of time, past, present and future to liberate and transform. Symbols Symbols are esoteric tools that initiate and transform. What symbols can you command into your life to help your individual progress and the collective. Oneness with the Elements and Combined Grids To progress on your spiritual journey one needs to be at one with the elements. You will work at a deep level with earth, air water and fire ,individually and in combination. A merging will then take place to combine these elements into oneness within yourself and in ritual. Receive an Alchemical Gift for your Soul Gifts from the universe. Receive an alchemical gift from the universe to help you on your spiritual journey and in your life. You will also connect to the energy of your source name. Connect to Manifested Sounds The gateways of sound, using manifested sound, I will open the doorways within in you to connect more of your source aspect and the consciousness of manifested source sound. Everyone will receive an individual source transmission of their soul frequency, to help you align with your soul frequency Cost £75 About Anthea An international teacher working as a Shaman and an Alchemist . She teaches alchemical and shamanic practices. She has developed a pioneering method of healing, Ancestral Healing Practitioner training. Her first album came out in January “ Sounds Are awakening”, shamanic drumming with manifested sounds , see link https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/antheadurand Please see YouTube link for connection to my work. Love Anthea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdbOX9rpJVk

Reiki Master and Reiki Teachers Course- 2 Day Course

Helios Centre


Reiki Master and Reiki Teachers Course- 2 Day Course This will be on the 9th and 16th December- 2 day course Continue your soul journey, and learn further healing techniques and learn how to attune others to this amazing enegy. Pre-requisite, Reiki 1 and 2 Course Includes: Reiki attunements into the Master and Teacher level of Reiki Psychic surgery Distance healing on the body Further powerful healing tools, meditations and treatment practice How to attune others Healing attunements How to teach Reiki Master responsibilities/ ethical codes of practice What happens after taking the Master attunements? The changes that take place after taking the Master attunements are similar to those which took place after Reiki I and II except that they are more pronounced. Any weakness in the body could be temporarily exaggerated as healing is activated on a very deep level. This could be accompanied by emotional changes as trapped emotions are released from the body. The first few months following the Master’s training course can feel like an emotional roller coaster: incredibly wonderful at times and very confusing at other times. There is more of a need to have quiet times to allow emotions to come to the surface and heal. Spiritually there is a much stronger connection to the reiki energy, both during the Reiki sessions and in general like. After being attuned to Master level Reiki, people experience many magical moments in life situations which previously they may have found mundane. This results in a greater ability to love life and consequently one attracts love and well-being to oneslef. The Reiki Master has a much greater appreciation of the abundance and the graciousness of the Reiki energy. This results in a feeling of increased safety in body, and develops within the Reiki Master very spiritual qualities such as wisdom, understanding, strength, patience and a desire to share this well-being with everyone encountered. The Reiki Master is more motivated from the heart than from a need for ego gratification or from greed. Such destructive qualities are replced by love. It is not unusual for Reiki Masters to start another career or set up their own business. The need for integrity in all aspects of personal and professional matters could be intimidating for friends and associates. This integrity should be balanced with wisdom and applied in a gentle and non-threatening manner. Includes comprehensive manuals, Usui Master lineage certificate, Reiki Master/Teacher certificate. Email manuals of all info you need to go out and teach Reiki and attune your friends, family After becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher Once you have learned how to attune people, you can help your family and friends transform themselves and their lives, not only with treatment sessions but also by teaching them Reiki. You can give them the precious gift of helping them to help themselves. By doing this, you take the some of the pressure and responsibility of healing them from your own shoulders. In fact, a lot of things they will be able to do themselves more effectively. They could even start doing exchange sessions with you and tell you their healing stories. Everyone benefits! You can teach them all the way up to the master level if it feels appropriate. This is how we transform our world: not only by helping ourselves but also thinking of the whole that needs transformation into lighter energies and healing. Ultimately, every single person who is working on healing themselves is also healing the planet, Mother Earth. Therefore, the most logical thing to do is to enable others to help themselves. That way, all beings benefit. The master energy is about bringing out the master qualities in others!!!! Why is it called ‘masters’ level? To learn the master level of Reiki does not mean that you already have to be a master. It just shows that you are committed to healing and self-improvement at a much higher level of responsibility and awareness than previously. People have started to write the word ‘master’ in this context with a small ‘m’ to avoid confusion or the possibility of unhelpful interference from the negative ego. The Reiki master energy will assist you in working towards mastering your life. Great changes can happen in your energy field and in your life in general after a master attunement: things that needed to change and no longer serve you – eg; destructive behaviour patterns, addictions, unhealthy and stuck emotional patterns, co-dependent relationships, etc. Bit by bit the master energies help you to recognise and release these old fears and allow you to realise more and more of your true and radiant divine self. As a master you become Reiki. Your mind, body and soul will transmit the energy of Reiki wherever you go. The difference from Reiki I and II is that now the whole body is able to channel Reiki, not just your hands. Cost £333. To reserve your place , either pay the full amount in advance or £100 deposit. Feedback from the last Reiki Masters Course Paloma Thank you Anthea, for such wonderful weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it – what took me so long?  Francisco Love it, love it, love it! Thank you Anthea for this great Reiki master course. Amazing how the energy can be so powerful and help us so deeply. Hope to see you there. Love Anthea

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