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Becoming the Alchemist
Becoming the Alchemist The Alchemist is the one who works with energy to transform reality. The journey of Lead to Gold, is symbolic of the magical gifts that manifest through alignment with your source self and the earth. Come to this powerful workshop, hear manifested sounds and heal and transform. I have been connected to the path of the Alchemist path over many lifetimes, and I am happy that the source has given me a number of processes and gifts to share with others. During this workshop we will work with manifested source sounds, shamanic journeying and meditation. We will use Shamanic and Alchemic practices to help you step into your Alchemical role and your magical gifts. I will initiate you into the “Magic Carpet of your Self” During this workshop we will: Work with the Consciousness of Time Where are you with the consciousness of time, what does time have to teach you, how can we merge with time to connect with the gifts it has to offer. You will work with your time Guardians, merge all aspects of time, past, present and future to liberate and transform. Symbols Symbols are esoteric tools that initiate and transform. What symbols can you command into your life to help your individual progress and the collective. Oneness with the Elements and Combined Grids To progress on your spiritual journey one needs to be at one with the elements. You will work at a deep level with earth, air water and fire ,individually and in combination. A merging will then take place to combine these elements into oneness within yourself and in ritual. Receive an Alchemical Gift for your Soul Gifts from the universe. Receive an alchemical gift from the universe to help you on your spiritual journey and in your life. You will also connect to the energy of your source name. Connect to Manifested Sounds The gateways of sound, using manifested sound, I will open the doorways within in you to connect more of your source aspect and the consciousness of manifested source sound. Everyone will receive an individual source transmission of their soul frequency, to help you align with your soul frequency Cost £75 About Anthea An international teacher working as a Shaman and an Alchemist . She teaches alchemical and shamanic practices. She has developed a pioneering method of healing, Ancestral Healing Practitioner training. Her first album came out in January “ Sounds Are awakening”, shamanic drumming with manifested sounds , see link Please see YouTube link for connection to my work. Love Anthea

Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms

14 Neal's Yard Covent Garden · London


What we're about

Do you feel called to connect to higher consciousness, to become your " own" teacher and channel your own wisdom, then this is the group for you.

Are you feeling an urge to connect with your true spiritual path. Are you feeling the intense energy that is moving through the planet at this time, causing great change. Your soul knows what you are, and what you are here to do. Your soul the need to be in harmony with the earth to help yourself, the earth and others. True alchemy is the transformational process of enhancing your connection with source and the planet, and being in alignment with who you really are.

This group will help you to connect to the higher consciousness of source, naturally and easily by:

- Helping you to access the source earth consciousness

- Helping you to access the higher frequencies of star energies.

- Helping you to channel your guide and other evolved beings.

- Helping you to channel source wisdom , and to be the " wisdom keeper" that you are.

- Helping you to align with your gifts and to awaken to your " soul purpose"

From using my ability to hold a strong and safe energetic space. I will help guide and facilitate a space to helpyou with your soul journey. I will support you and guide to enable spiritual transformation to take place. I look forward to meeting you.

I am a Reiki Master, Alchemic Healer, Sound Healer and Shamanic Practitioner. I have trained with amazing teachers here and abroad, including Tareth, Serge Khahili King and Hank Wesselman.

My main teachers are my beloved spiritual teams.


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