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♥ Giving You The Tools To Be Self-Empowered & Spiritually A W A K E .

Spiritual ascension takes place when a human being starts to think, act and behave more and more Soul like. That is to say, when a human's Ego relinquishes its absolute control to follow the lead of its inner Soul wisdom, that human will begin experiencing a spiritual ascension.

IF that's you, starting to wake up to your broader Self, then this Spiritual Ascension Online Meetup is here to support your awakening. Our ONLINE classes will guide you to tune into your Higher Self more, tap into your extrasensory abilities and increase control of your outer reality.

RSVP to a one-off class on a topic of interest or sign-up for one of our 4-class program series, beginning with the Awaken Spiritually program. There are four programs in all, each level advances progressively to the next and therefore it is recommended that members RSVP for a program in the following order:


• For more info or to offer any suggestions or feedback please contact Mashi at 416-588-6246 (landline) or email mashi@achasa.com. Each year we also plan a group nature retreat in Summer or Fall for class attendees.

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All of our class meetups are lead by Mashi Amani who is a seasoned practitioner of spirituality, an ascension guide and life balance coach. She also created in 2014, the Toronto Spiritual Growth Meetup group with now over 5,000 members. In January of 2020 Vladan Reljanovic, the original creator of this Spiritual Ascension Meetup, stepped down as the organizer, and Mashi stepped in.

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How To Deal With Difficult People Spiritually

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If you struggle to stay positive around certain people who behave poorly in your opinion, be it a family member, an ex, or a co-worker for example, then this class is for you! Today we'll explore what is the spiritual approach to handling those difficult and hard to get along with people in our lives that we can't get away from. This talk will cover the value of: • setting up life priorities that steer your thinking & focus • redefining challenging personality types in ways that empowers you • detaching from other people's bad behaviour • knowing when and how to speak up for yourself Understand too that by PRACTICING maintaining control of how you feel around such negative energies, you can ultimately learn to stay more in alignment with your positive core frequency. In other words, you can change how you look at things to feel MORE and not less powerful! This is the key to transforming into happier, wiser, and better versions of ourselves, instead of allowing someone to bring out the worst in us. Join us for some clear steps you can take to break free from the usual drama. There's no need to stress or be uncomfortable around negative people any more. *Questions about this meetup can be emailed to [masked]. *********************************************************** 💲To attend this class please send your $14 payment via e-transfer to [masked] before 4pm on Dec. 6th or purchase your ticket through Eventbrite https://bit.ly/3o8nPVI and you'll be sent the Zoom link & pass code to login.

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How to Connect With Your Divine Energy SELF

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