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Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

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~An Intuitive Guidance Tool~
The pendulum is one of the most effective ways to tap and develop your intuition and psychic abilities. The ability to dowse is inherent within all of us and is not a gift reserved for the few. It reacts with the subconscious and higher conscious minds to give physical movements with the swing of the pendulum. With the correct use, you can tap the forces of intuition within yourself. With a little practice and a balanced approach, pendulum dowsing can give you the answers you need to everyday questions to help you on your spiritual journey, as well as helping you to unlock your latent psychic abilities.
In this workshop, you will learn how to make the radionic pendulum work for you and then use it in a variety of ways related to health and healing. Ideal for use in complementary therapies.
Instructor Allan Jaggard has used the radionic pendulum for many years and is highly experienced in its use, and will give you the history of dowsing as well as the reasons of how and why it works. There will be personal instruction as to the correct technique and practice.
Our handmade Radionic Pendulums designed by Dr. George King, are crafted from Beechwood in New Zealand (specially chosen because it is inert) with a pure silk cord to enhance its sensitivity.
$25/student for the Course (Bring your own pendulum or our handmade Pendulums will be offered for $20 if the student is in need of one).


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