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This group is intended to gather people in Stavanger and the area around, who are on the spiritual path. But not only on the spiritual path, but who also have self-selected to awaken the species and yourSelf through self-realization. Who wants to awaken the speceis by being "a light in the darkness". Do you feel that the world is going in a direction that you no longer can identify with? You feel alone and seek a community and friends with witch you can share your believes, dreams and hopes for the future? Does it hurt you seening all the parts of nature being destroyed? You are clear that money, materalism and seperation is not the way? Why not start 2019 by creating the world we all long for in our hearts. And discover who you truly are, and who all others truly are. If not Now, when? If not You then whom?
(I will have to make clear that if you are into spirituality for the fun of it, that is ok. But this group is meant for those who are devoted and sincere about waking up and truly have chosen the spiritual path.) If you can see yourself in the discription above then this group is for you! Welcome!

Here we can come together and support each other, meditate, listen to audiobooks, watch dokumentaries, discuss books, take a walk in nature, look at the night sky, share experiences, and much more, all in the name of Love for life and a jurning in our soul to awaken our selfs and the species. To create a world where we all see each other and all of life as One, not seperated from anything and a part of the entire Universe it's Self.

I will be the host for the meetups, and we will take it from there. I have my own story and experience as we all do. I will first just start by seeing how many there are who are interested, and then we can pick a date for the Meetups.

I hope you will let Love guide you to become a member of this group, and don’t turn away in fear. If humanity is to evolve in consciousness in a way that is sustainable, for the planet and all of its life forms, humanity needs to awaken to the one and only universal and ethernal truth, told by all great masters and teachers through all of time; Love and Oneness. This includes You and all others first and foremost discovering, or shall I say remembering, our true Self. Also called awakening, enlightenment, Self-realization etc. I hope to meet you soon :)

(Just for references, so that you can see if there is anything you can relate to, this is some of the material I have been styding for many years and have read/been guided to, including my own experience of course)

- Neale Donald Walsch: Conversation With God; book 1-4, Friendship With God, Communion With God, Calm Before the Storm, The Only Thing That Matters, and other relevant information from Neal.

- The Bible

- Bhagavad Gita (along with many other hindu texts. Also timecycles like the Yugas)

- The true history of humanity, how we came to be the race we are. Older civilisations like Atlantis, Lemuria. Advanced technology, earlier highly spiritualy evolved societies on earth. How and why many Pyramids where built after after The Great Flo around 10 500 BC, for example like in Egypt. Visitations by Aliens/Highly evolved beings true all of earths history. And much more around our true history.

- The Law of One; The Ra Material

- Thoth The Emerald Tablets

- The Kybalion

- Mooji, spiritual teacher

- Sadhguru/Jaggi Vasudev spiritual teacher

- Different buddhist texts, The Buddha, Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh etc.

- Mormons book

- Edgar Cayce (predictions and medium)

- Echart Tolle, spiritual teacher, The Power of Now and much more relevant information (Youtube) from Echart.

- Dolores Cannon, QHHT, Keepers of the Garden, Five Lives Remembered, They Walked With Jesus, Jesus and The Essenes

- Helen Schucman: A Course In Miracles

- Countless near death experiences. Have a long playlist on Youtube.

- Jon Schau: Jons bok 1, 2 og 3 (norwegian near death experiencer)

- Helena P. Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine

- Alan Watts (Philosophy)

- Bob Lazar (Alien technology, Area 51, S4)

- Steven Greer, «The Disclousure Project», CSETI, «Sirius» (documentary), «Unacknowledged» (documentary), (extraterrestial, aliens, ufo, highly evolved beings, other dimensions, etc.)

- Albert Einstein, mainly the theory of relativity

- Niels Bohr, basic quantum mechanics theory

- Nikola Tesla, energi, zero point energy, and many of his inventions

- Little bit about Taoism

- Paramahansa Yogananda and many other mystics from the east throughout the history

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Meetup and getting to know each other

Rustabakken 9

Hi! Glad to see that people have found their way to this group and feel drawn to it. I'm planing a meetup for sunday, january 27. Hope you have the chance to come! I don`t have any spesific «topic» for this meetup, as the entire topic in general for this group is existence and our place in it. But getting to know each other is a good place to start. After that we`ll just go with the flow. We can meditate, discuss different topics, watch a documentary, discuss books, listen to content on YouTube or audiobooks, etc. The first meetup will be held at my apartment. Of course this is something we can change up as we go along, if this is something the group want. (Also the date/clock for the meetup can be moved if people can't come. And we can find another date together that fits better for people. But we'll first try with january 27, 16:00. I´ll update you as soon as I know if this will be the date. Also wondering when it´s best for people to have the meetups in generally: in the weekends, in the weekdays or it doesn´ t matter? I´ll publish a polle so that you can vote for the best meetups-points). My address is: Rustabakken 9 (apartment H0408), 4027, Stavanger (Tasta). By car: There are guest parking spots right outside the apartment complex. By bus: If you are coming by bus from downtown Stavanger, you can take bus number 5 (from bus stop number 25) and bus number 15 (from bus stop 24). Bus number 5 goes much more often than bus number 15. If you are on bus number 5, go of the bus at «Fagerstølveien» (this bus stop is right next to "Tasta Senter") and then walk for 4 minutes). If you are on bus number 15, go of the bus at «Rusteveien», and you'll be right next to the apartment complex. Both buses use about 10-12 minutes from downtown Stavanger. I live on 4th floor (top floor) in an apartment complex, furthest out on the right side, looking from the back side where you enter. You can take the stairs or the elevator (elevator: go through the yellow door with the number "9" on it, by the mailboxes) I'll publish my phone number when the Meetup gets closer, so that you can call or text me if there is any problem or question. Hope to see you soon :)

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