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Welcome to our first OFFICIAL Kick off Spiritual Awakenings Meet and Greet! Its also a CELEBRATION of our group having over 100 members and still growing.

It is very important for those who are on their spiritual paths to be in like-minded company and energies, and it is with this intention that I am holding these meetings.

These meetings will be held monthly, where the meetup members of this group and their guests get to meet one another, socialize and share together a delicious pot luck dinner.There will also be a guest speaker each month to discuss various topics on holistic, spiritual, or metaphysical subjects. This is a GREAT opportunity for us to get together in a more social setting, and to also discover some really great information and meet other practitioners or persons of whom you share common interests.

This is a pot luck dinner as well-please bring a dish, drink, side, or dessert to share with the group.

This month's special guest will be Rod Kelly, who will be discussing "Self Healing-The Forgotten Instinct" from 8-8:30PM (approximate, discussions may run over as needed).

Self -Healing: The Forgotten Instinct
By Rod Kelly: BCH, Self-Healing Instructor, author

Since the 1950s disease and illnesses has escalated globally. Today, despite all the medical advances in diagnosis and treatment there are more diseases and sicknesses than in any other time in history. Many blame this on lifestyle and environmental pollution. The belief that our only hope resides in the pharmaceutical and modern medical industries becomes stronger each and every year, yet as a society our own body’s healing systems get weaker and weaker with each and every single medication we put into our bodies.

Ancient societies had been able to survive for thousands of years without pharmaceuticals or modern medical technologies, and yet many view their understandings and practices for healing as nonsense, ineffective, or even quackery.

What did the Ancients know that modern medicine doesn’t recognize? Is our current state of ill-health caused by a deeper, more profound source? Rod will be discussing these subjects and the body's self-healing capabilities.

About Rod Kelly:

For more than 15 years Rod Kelly has been empowering his clients to increase their levels of control over not only their thoughts and actions, but their levels of wellness as well.
He has also been teaching in the U.S. and Canada a system of understanding that has helped participants and his clients reach a higher level of harmonic balance and healing. He is an board certified hypnotherapist, author, lecturer, and has been working with the public for years, providing them the tools necessary for them to regain optimal health.