Learn to walk a Magickal Path~A Year & A Day Program


New Class Forming Now!
Learn about the “Old Ways” and awaken the magic inside you.
Align with the phases of the moon and the changes of the seasons.
Study herb lore, divination, spell-crafting and explore ritual.
Connect to the circle within, and the divinity that lives within you.
Get to know the gods and goddess of different pantheons, and how honoring them and working with them can help you in your life.
Learn about the the elements – Air, Fire, Water & Earth and how working with them in ritual can help find balance in your spirit.
Learn how creating ritual and harnessing your power can create positive change in your life - How you can co-create with the universe.
Sharon is a Wiccan High Priestess. and has been walking the path of the witch for several years. She brings wisdom, passion, and her magick, dispelling many ill-conceived notions of what a witch is.

Start Date: Thursday, Feb 6th
* Meets one Thursday a month for 13 months
Time: 7 - 9 pm
Cost: $25 per month (cash at the door)

* This is a full 13 month program, and a commitment to attend is required. Make up classes can be arranged, if necessary.