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A natural spiritual awakening into a higher consciousness is being stirred inside of many in this very special time in mankind's evolutionary history. We are bringing light onto the planet, being ecologically minded, and helping others to find their way so we can continue the momentum that has already begun by many spiritual leaders all over the world is part of the mission of this meetup.

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If you are aware of your own spirituality, the need to become spiritually awakened and join with like-minded people, this is the Meetup for you.

Anyone interested in participating by sharing their ideas, their talents, what they are doing to opening spiritually, or an alternative healer, counselor, or if you simply resonate with what this group has to offer, you are invited to join this meetup. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make a presentation.

It is time for a new world of peace. Let's be a part of this wonderful opportunity to "be the change" and "pay it forward."

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“Spirituality has to do with the soul, and requires alignment with the most noble impulses of the human experience - harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life." Gary Zukav

Love, light and in gratitude,

Jeannie Whyte

Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach and "The Medium with a Twist"

(Meetup Organizer)



Upcoming events (4+)

FREE Sound Bath Healing with Herbs & Mini Reiki Sessions For ALL

Needs a location

FREE Sound Bath! Join us for a beautiful free sound bath and herbal meditation!! We want to welcome you to our brand new Venue at Affinity Organic Spa!! Join us in this beautiful sanctuary of peace and serenity to do a wonderful Healing Share!

This is a free event designed to help you release and recharge.

We will be bringing in the healing energy of Reiki, herbs and sound healing to this unique share to help alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety.

We will begin by guiding you through a tranquil sound bath healing incorporating healing herbs that will bring in healing and peace.

Then you will receive reiki healing energy from one of our trained Reiki Masters and Crystal Healers. Reiki is healing energy that is gentle but effective and goes to the root of an issue both emotional or physical. It is life force energy that restores balance in the body and is very subtle and effective. Reiki leaves you feeling an overall calm and peace. Reiki can stop physical pain.

Even if you have never meditated before or don't know about Reiki and sound healing you can still join us and it will be beneficial. Come with any anxiety or worry and leave feeling peaceful. Come with any physical discomfort and leave feeling renewed. We open this healing up to everyone. We never charge to offer this as we want to extend this wonderful healing to

This Event is available to anyone new to Reiki and Reiki 2 Certified and below

All attending in person will need to bring a towel or a yoga mat.

Can't wait to see everyone there.

Medicine Wheel #8 ~~ Working in Winds of the North!

Needs a location


This is a series that has already begun and we cannot accept new students at this time. If you are interested in joining our next Medicine Wheel email us at [masked] for more information

We will continue in the North Direction and welcome in Hummingbird! Come build your Mesa with us.

Each class works thru a different direction and at the end you will have a full Mesa in the Incan Peruvian Shamanic Tradition.

During this journey we'll be working thru all your different parts of life that otherwise just leaves you stuck and unsettled. This becomes a way to reinvent your entire life! We are honored you chose this path with us!

Each Class is[masked]

REIKI MASTER CLASS – Lots of Added Bonuses! Pets, Yoga and Herbs!!

Needs a location


REIKI MASTER CLASS – Lots of Added Bonuses! Pets, Yoga and Herbs!!

This is a special Reiki Master class, unlike any other! Learn how to incorporate herbs, yoga and pet healing into your Reiki practice!

Investment: $300
Deposit: $100

Please contact me [masked]) to pay a deposit of $100.00 or via:

Venmo: https://venmo.com/Danielle-Rodriguez-68
Cash App: https://cash.app/$hummingbirdwellness

Join us for your Reiki Master training and attunements. There are lots of bonuses and plenty of time for practice. You will see improvements in your abilities to treat yourself and others during in person sessions and distance healing sessions.

During this class you will receive:
~ Additional healing energy
~ Two new symbols Master symbols
~ New techniques and knowledge that will add value to your healing abilities.
~ A review of First and Second Degree Reiki and all symbols.
~ You will learn the Master symbol and how to use it during Master level Reiki treatments and Master level long distance Reiki treatments.
~ Review and instruction on new healing techniques including an energy enhancement technique.
~ Masters will receive a free follow up at a later date

We will have lots of additional bonuses in this class. We’ll learn about different herbs and how they can be utilized to enhance your Reiki treatments. We will incorporate Yoga to further improve and intensify your reiki experience which will help you and your clients. We’ll learn how to use the master level Reiki healing energy with your pets to bring more health and vitality into their lives.

Upon completion of this class you will receive a Certificate.

Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki First Degree and Second Degree Classes

This class is a prerequisite for the Master/Teacher Degree class. We will have a Master/Teacher class scheduled on June 11th & June 12th after the Reiki Master portion.

This event will be offered in person and on Zoom. If you plan to attend by Zoom please email us at [masked] to register and receive instructions on how to pay, receive your link and manual.

REIKI MASTER/TEACHER CLASS –Bonuses! Pets, Yoga, Herbs!

Needs a location


The Master/Teacher Class will be held on the same day as the Reiki Master Class. Those taking the Master/Teacher & Master Class together will return on Sunday to complete the Teacher Portion of the training.

Dates and times for classes are as follows:
June 11th: @ 8am - 3pm
June 12th: 8am - 1pm

During the Master/Teacher class you will receive:
• Master Training Exercises for Men and Women
• Additional Attunements for Master/Teacher
• Sacred Secret of Reiki
• How to give attunements for First, Second and Master Degree
• You will receive lots of practice time
• Information about teaching Reiki Classes and establishing a Reiki Business

I often explain to everyone that even if you aren’t planning on teaching Reiki taking these classes is the entire Reiki package ALL IN ONE!

There are also many bonuses you will receive during the Master/Teacher Training:

~ You will receive a stone for each of your Chakra’s attuned just for you
~ You will also receive your own sacred water to take and use that has been in ceremony for you to add protection to your work
~ You receive complete guidance for a year after this class as well as a meet up 3 mons after to touch base and answer all questions to assist on your path
~ All Teachers will learn the grid I use in my own practice to increase the healing power in each sessions
~ A comprehensive study manual
~ Ability to teach Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master Classes

Prerequisite: Reiki Master Class

Upon Completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion

Investment: The investment for the Teacher portion only if you have already completed a Master class is $650. The investment for the Reiki Master/Teacher classes together is $900. (This includes the Reiki Master Class investment. It is not in addition to the Reiki Master Class).

Deposit: $100

Please contact me [masked]) to pay a deposit of $100.00 or via:

Venmo: https://venmo.com/Danielle-Rodriguez-68
Cash App: https://cash.app/$hummingbirdwellness

This event will be offered in person and on Zoom. If you plan to attend by Zoom please email us at [masked] to register and receive instructions on how to pay, receive your link and manual.

Payment plans are offered. Please contact me at [masked] to discuss. this work is so sacred we want to ensure all can participate.

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Shamanic Apprenticeship

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