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What is Spiritual breathing?

How is it different from normal breathing?

Energy within each of us is transformated, powerful and very pure.
This energy is capable of rapid physical and emotional rejuvenation.
It is also the driving force behind spiritual nourishment, evolution and awakening state of mind.

As you develop these breathing skills, you will realize the benefits of them in your personal, professional and spiritual life. The series of interactive workshops are designed to teach the techniques of spiritual breathing for stronger mind, memory, love and blissful life.

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FREE - New Start - Empower, Rejuvenate and Weight Balance

FREE interactive session for New Year's resolution - • How to achieve weight balance by removing negativity? • How spiritual breathing helps to rejuvenate with stronger mind? • Why do we need stronger mind? • Can diet choice impact weight gain/loss? • How can diet plan impact person's energy levels? • New techniques for eating habbits and weight gain/loss? What are your goals for 2019? How can you focus your energy in achieving your goals? Are you over-worked and too stressed out? Do you feel exahusted all the time for no reason? Let’s focus on your energy levels and how to reduce stress not only in your career but also in your lifestyle. Please join to find out how they are connected to one another. As we develop these skills, we will realize the benefits of them in our personal, professional and spiritual life. This workshop is for beginners and for those who want to polish up their skills. During each session we will learn new techniques. Please bring your questions and thoughts to discuss within the group. You will be in a safe environment with like-minded people. The highlights and benefits of this program: • Spiritual breathing that reduces stress and anxiety • Relaxes the muscles and increase inner peace • Helps to stabilize mind and thoughts • Helps to lower blood pressure • Strengthens willpower • Weight Balance Feel free to invite your family and friends. Introduction session is FREE and there is no charge for joining or attending. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early so that all can be seated and ready at 7:15 pm. Wear comfortable or loose clothes as we will be practicing some simple techniques and yoga. Please do not eat heavy food 1.5 hours prior to meetup. Juice or liquid is allowed. The sooner we begin quieting our minds before the gathering, the deeper our breathing and meditation practice will be. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat and towel. Just reminder - during the workshop we do not allow any cell phone, pager or ringer for benefit to everyone. Please turn them off during session. Since seats are limited, hence RSVP is requested.

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FREE session - Power of Mind and Energy Balancing

Princeton, NJ

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