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What is Spiritual breathing?

How is it different from normal breathing?

Energy within each of us is transformated, powerful and very pure.
This energy is capable of rapid physical and emotional rejuvenation.
It is also the driving force behind spiritual nourishment, evolution and awakening state of mind.

As you develop these breathing skills, you will realize the benefits of them in your personal, professional and spiritual life. The series of interactive workshops are designed to teach the techniques of spiritual breathing for stronger mind, memory, love and blissful life.

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How to Improve Patience & Work Effortlessly

Online event

This FREE Virtual session is for safe, non-judgmental group of like-minded people sharing and caring about each other.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or experiences. If you feel your information is private and confidential then please DO NOT share.

With request from few of you, planning to invite my good friend who is Spiritual Healer and master in energy patterns. Requesting him to talk about "How to Improve Patience and Work Effortlessly". If you have ever had questions or curiosity then let’s hear him. Please bring your questions to discuss in safe environment. If time permits then will try to request small experiences and techniques . –

o How to handle stress?
o How to improve patience?
o Self-awareness and improvements?
o How to improve divinity and consciousness?
o How to become independent to set yourself FREE.
o What are the different techniques to achieve these results?

Since there may be energy exercise during session I will keep seats limited and RSVP is requested. Zoom link with password will be sent out to registered participants separately. For all further details please reach out via chat or email.

Requirements: high speed internet

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