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This group is for anyone interested in Spirituality and the like. I will host classes, meditations and meetups on Long Island so that you may expand your mind and help your soul blossom and grow.

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Celebrate Summer Solstice-Forging a Path of Clarity Towards the Life You Love!

Center for Intuitive Arts & Therapies

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It is a time where our Sun’s radiant power and light is at its peak. At this time our beautiful Earth is booming with life at it’s fullest expression heralding joy, celebration, fulfillment and expansion. It is time to harness this energy with open hearts and pure intention in Unity with Love. The collective intention of many makes for a Powerful Experience! Please join us for an incredible evening of Ceremony and Transformation where we will: • Draw into our bodies the Purest Form of Power & Vitality giving us the strength and stamina to realize our goals • Prompt a Revolution from within through discovery and focused intention that will light a fire inspiring us to take our Next Greatest Step • Spark the Light of the Soul allowing for the embodiment of more of our Vital Life Force Energy bringing us further into wholeness with clarity and confidence • Activate a DNA code allowing for the elimination of all of our fears that are holding us back • Share in a Meditation that will Bring Forth into Our Lives Bounty, Abundance & Beauty on many levels • Practice presence and mindfulness in order to strengthen the mind, calm the ego and gain true inner vision It is my great honor and pleasure to be facilitating this gathering. I will be providing many takeaways that will guide you step by step on how to gain clarity and get the most out of everyday so you may reach your greatest potential! You will walk away empowered and enlightened! Exchange $25 at the door. If you wish to pay in advance to hold your seat, please message me. Our Ancestors from around the globe have all marked and celebrated this day to one extent or another, as it brings our attention to an important moment in our seasonal and spiritual cycles. Let us come together and celebrate in ceremony as we powerfully create a collective intention allowing us to tap into the cosmic energies that are pulsating and radiating from our sun in support of our Dreams, Desires and Awakening! As the light shines its brightest and longest, there is no better time to honor the love, light and pleasure of life on Earth. Let us prepare ourselves for the Solstice by allowing the light to fill us with the purest form of power and vitality. Let Us Prompt a Revolution From Within!

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