Second Wednesday morning of the month for Reiki Meditation

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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

Price: £7.00 /per person
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COMMENT: This week's group was only a week after the last one and I felt so much better after the healing I received at the last one. This week I got some more great healing from newcomer Dawn who had never done it before, just to show how anyone can do it and even a newcomer can give healing to an experienced healer, especially with the amplified healing that happens in Anne's house! Thank you Dawn! And Anne for holding such a wonderful healing space. Big hugs all round! Bill

Last month we looked at our emotions. There is always judgement in our lives. Let's this month look at that.

WELCOME: You can start coming from 6.45. We start prompt at 7.15.

MEDITATION: Dealing with Self Judgment? A Meditation for Moving Into a Resourceful and Non Judgmental State. Visit A Moment in Time In the minutes, hours, and days ahead the essence of your purpose will shine brighter. Imagine a moment in time where you are free to do whatever you please while trusting the guidance of your inner self. In this moment you realize your purpose both in your inner and outer world. It is delightful to know that whatever excites you and allows you to thrive is possible

Approx one hour of Reiki share. I have three couches and two healing rooms so everyone gets to receive and give Reiki.

HANDOUT FOR DISCUSSION: JUDGEMENT. We all generally prefer to see ourselves as smart, generous, kind, patient, and forgiving people most of the time. Reality is that we aren’t. We simply cannot be nice and ‘good’ 100% of the time. If we are honest, we actually have some pretty embarrassing flaws that we prefer to avoid at all costs. But the truth is that we don’t like facing our shadows. We will avoid or react to anything or anyone who tries to point out our failures and weaknesses. While this is understandable, we need to realize that our dark side holds the keys to authentic happiness, self-acceptance, and inner freedom.

Approx one hour of Reiki share. I have three couches so everyone gets to receive and give Reiki.

Before you leave I have Angel Oracle cards for private use. It is my intention that everyone leaves with a smile on their face having well spent the last 2 hrs! I look forward to our time together. Anne :-)

Directions: TN2 5QF by car. To find my house there is a photo telling you where it is in the photo section of the main page. There will be a sign on the gate and an outside light to guide you! Mobile[masked]