What we're about


This community of "un-fundies" and "ex-vangelicals" meets in-person to process deeply meaningful thoughts and stories together. There is learning and growth in listening to each other.

Four friends, who happen to be un-fundie/ex-vangelical and are now progressive/liberal Christian pastors, co-facilitate Intersections. And guess what? They don't think alike.

Here are our communal guidelines:

○ Your at-the-moment-authentic-self is welcome here. All of you - the mess and the beauty.
○ Be welcoming of the at-the-moment-authentic-self of others.
○ Know that you’ll be triggered by some things - we get it.
○ When asking for clarification be thoughtful about how you ask.
○ Please refrain from giving advice - as a listener our primary task is to hold compassionate, non-judgmental, space for the one sharing.
○ Keep mental track of your talk-time. If you’re quiet, try to speak more. If you’re a talker, try to offer space.
○ You only have permission to share your story in the group. If you want to share outside the group get permission from the story's owner.
○ We acknowledge the best questions can’t be answered. The deeper we go the more ambiguous things can get. And we are here to go deeper.
○ MOST IMPORTANTLY - Know that you are not alone.

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