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A community for those with a growth mindset 🧠 wanting to build self awareness, get in touch with their real authentic self and build confidence by raising their vibration 🙌

Spiritual Economics is a holistic approach to healing and addresses ALL facets of the individual from behaviour, emotions, spirituality and a sense of purpose. Everything is connected! If there's a leaky tap in your emotional state, chances are it'll show up in other areas too 🧘‍♀️

Building an awareness around all our facets is an extremely powerful way to master the self, develop as people and upgrade our lives 💪 (and how we respond to difficult situations)


☯️ You're looking for truth and meaning in an otherwise meaningless world

☯️ You're interested in psychotherapy, spirituality, universal truth, philosophy, psychology, self development, inner healing or life hacks (or all of the above!)

☯️ You're looking to gain confidence in your personal and/or professional life

☯️ You to improve yourself and upgrade your existence

☯️ You'd like to connect with like minded people, share your experiences and pearls of wisdom or learn from the experience of others.

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PILLARS OF GROWTH - Workshop and Social

1 Langley Gardens

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