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Group Hypnosis for Manifesting Your Desires in 2019
Start the New Year out with a bang by sleeping in, making yourself a nice brunch, and then joining me for a powerful group hypnosis session where you will learn how to take the things you desire for your life and SEE IT, FEEL IT, BE IT to make 2019 your best year EVER! In this group hypnosis you will: * Make a list of the things you want to manifest in your life, * Learn how to dig deep to uncover fears or blocks that could hinder you from having those things you desire, * Participate in a powerful group hypnosis where you will see yourself having those things that you desire, * Incorporate something called ThetaHealing into the group hypnosis to help you FEEL those things that you desire so that you can "SEE IT, FEEL IT, BE IT". The only thing stopping you from having what you desire in life Learn how to overcome the obstacle that stares you in the mirror every day to live a life of abundance. To reserve your spot, send your $18 participation fee via Paypal no later than December 31st to Cancellation/refund policy: No refund for cancellations less than 48 hours. (This an event for individuals ages 16+.)

Spirits Uniting Reiki & Hypnosis, LLC

8711 Plantation Lane, Suite 301 · Manassas, va


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Curious about what spirituality is or how it can help improve your life? Spirituality is not a religion. It is about getting in touch with your soul self and discovering your life's path and purpose. In this Meetup we will be touching on topics that impact nearly everyone's life, while keeping it real and relevant.

Topics will include:
* What is spirituality and where do I start?
* Introduction to meditation
* Different types of meditation
* What are energy cords and when and why do I need to cut or remove them to heal myself?
* How do I keep myself energetically protected and when should I protect myself?
* What is energy healing?
* What is Reiki and how can it help me have a healthier body?
* What can I do to help my pet/s live a better, healthier life? Can energy healing help them, also?
* How can hypnosis help change and heal things in my life?
* And much more!

I will also organize a book club to meet once a week that will help you on your spiritual journey and also help you meet some great people who share your interest in the topic.

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