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Calling all individuals in South and Central Florida who are interested in spirituality, personal growth and development, spiritual evolution and raising the level of our personal and collective vibration. Areas of interest include: energy healing, the human aura, planetary energetics, the energies of crystals, essential oils, developing clairvoyance and intuition, the inner meanings of language, dowsing, numerology, sacred geometry, tarot, mysteries of ancient civilizations, sacred dance, power postures, ancient Egypt, meditation, space clearing, the shift of astrological epochs, enlightening the mind, powering our electro-immune systems, color healing, the energies of relationships, the law of attraction, astral travel, the 7 levels of the astral light, the chakra system, the study of universal law and much more. Come and join a network of people who are seeking to align with the newly arriving universal energies of tomorrow, today.

Group Facilitators: David Price Francis & Joanna Infeld. For more information about who we are, please visit our website: www,energyworlds.com.

For any questions, please contact david@energyworlds.com.

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