What we're about

Gathering of people interested in Reiki, Familly constellations, Massage, Tarot, Tantra, Egyptian and Pagan Wisdom for free meditations, healing sessions, love-sharing, developing extrasensual skills, networking and making friends. Please send a message to the group if you are willing to participate or have any questions. See you there! :) More info: https://psifree.org

Hey guys! There is the list of activities I bring to you from Europe and can organize. Chose the option that sounds interesting to you. And let me know what do you like.

#1. Spiritual Talks.

We can meetup on Friday in the restaurants and discuss recent spiritual trends and technologies worldwide.

I'm travelling from Europe and im leading a few research groups that are studying artifacts and technologies of the past civilizations. New pra-history technologies had been revealed recently.

#2. Tantra. Free love flow and cuddle party.

Its pretty popular trend nowadays in Europe. Its more about massage, and the art of touch towards yourself, your partner and other people. It might be combined with Osho Tantric Reiki energy practice. Its pretty sweet stuff.

#3. Runic Reiki.

Its the very powerful technology that combines classical Usui Reiki and Scandinavian Runic Tradition. It is used for mind upgrade, train extrasensual abilities and being more effective in your social and business requests. I like this system and can share it with you. Its one of the most powerful technologies i ever seen.

#4. Familly Constellations.

Its awesome thing. It looks like a magic theater, when other people play your stories. Thats magic. The people dont know anything about you, but in the spirit of this Magic Theater they shows the true stories about your life, relationships, past and future. Its a lot about bringing more love and trust in your life. Im always amazed and admired how it works. And i love it so much.

#5. Devine energy healing massage.

Thats interesting thing. It is the upgrade practice for healers. If your extrasensual abilities are already developed we can tune into the Gods energies, get the answers of how to heal the body or life situations and get extra Gods energies to perform beautiful healing process. Its remarkable when you feel the pecularities of different gods energies and use the one that is best for your client today. If you need to train a bit your extrasensual skills i would recommend to start from Runic Reiki.

#6. Business system energy consulting.

It looks a bit simillar to magic theater. But it can be done also privately (one on one). It shows up the opportunities and limitations of any your life or business idea. You can get the one year marketing plan within one hour. I can show you how it works or teach how to to do that by yourself.

#7. Mysteries. (Ancient Egypt, Greece).

This one I like the most.

Its about playing out the legends of the Gods. Its about feeling the Gods energies being the part of you. To transform yourself to a being a hero. To heal yourself and getting victory of all your fears. Being full and complete. God blessed.

Its amazing work.

I have a lot to share. Im doing these activities for about 20 years already.

If you like something, message back and let me know! I'm checking of what people might be interested. It would be awesome to grow up together the spiritual community in your city.

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