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Experience The Sound of Soul
Where? The Lotus Room at The Inner Connection, 300 Bridge Street, New Cumberland. From Bridge Street, enter on the left side of the building. Join us and experience the Sound of Soul. Experience singing the HU and share with others in a spiritual conversation. Open to people of all faiths. HU is a sacred sound and ancient mantra. It is a universal name for God that has been sung for thousands of years in many lands for spiritual unfoldment. Chanting this sound can heal, uplift, and open your heart. You're invited to experience chanting HU, followed by contemplative time, and spiritual conversation. Experience is the most valuable method of spiritual discovery. Click on the video below to learn more about HU. See more at:

The Inner-Connection

300 Bridge Street Side entrance (Lotus Room) · New Cumberland, PA

What we're about

Have you had a spiritual experience? Meet other people who have had one too.

Some 49 percent of Americans say they've had a religious or mystical experience. Profound spiritual experiences may include vivid or prophetic dreams, out-of-body adventures, astral projection, near-death experiences, dreams with a departed loved one, a sense you have lived before, déjà vu, seeing an inner light, or hearing an inner sound.

The purpose for this Meetup group is to provide a common meeting ground for all who have had, or would like to have, a life-changing spiritual experience.

Other goals of this Meetup group are to help people:

*validate and gain insight into their own spiritual experiences;

*understand what their experiences really mean;

*learn new and advanced ways of exploring their inner worlds.

This Meetup group, sponsored by Eckankar in Central Pennsylvania, is a resource for people of all faiths and beliefs. For more information about Eckankar in Pennsylvania visit .

Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth through personal experience.

For more on the resources offered by Eckankar - The Path of Spiritual Freedom visit (

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