What we're about

The Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley, located in Lafayette, Colorado, is one of hundreds of affiliated spiritual communities in the U.S. and abroad which focus generally on the teachings of Science of Mind.

This tradition is non-denominational, non-dogmatic, and includes teachings from all religions and from a wide variety of spiritually-minded thinkers and teachers. It focuses more on spiritual insight and practice than historical personalities or writings. Following that philosophy, this forum explores spiritual topics which are generally outside of Science of Mind teachings and practices, but are consistent with them.

We know that Infinite Spirit will never be circumscribed by any single body of human thought, and that there are untold numbers of spiritual traditions and practices that can enrich our spiritual lives and broaden our minds. This series of forums is intended for members of the local church community and for spiritual seekers outside of that community who hear about and are interested in the specific forum topic.

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