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Do you want to understand the spiritual meaning of your dreams? Corpus Christi ECKists are friendly, open-hearted people who like to discuss topics of spiritual interest. We invite you to get together for informational discussions and to share experiences. We love discovering more about ourselves as Soul and our relationship with God. This is an opportunity to explore the varied spiritual topics contained in the enlightening teachings of Eckankar and to unfold on your journey with friendly, open people. Everyone is welcome regardless of religion or spiritual path. Here are some uplifting ideas for future Meetups and events that will help you expand your spiritual awareness. Finding Inner Peace. Spiritual Destiny - Finding your Purpose in Life. HU - A Love Song to God. Have You had a Spiritual Experience? Spiritual Exercises - Keys to Your Enlightenment. Dreams - How to Interpret Them. Past Lives, Karma & Reincarnation - Remembering. Spiritual Freedom - Achievable in This Lifetime. Light & Sound of God - How God Speaks to Us and Sustains Us. Soul Travel - How it Compares to Astral Projection and Out Of Body Experiences? Animals are Soul too - Another Source of God's Divine Love. Spiritual Masters - Guidance While Maintaining Personal Freedom.

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